Friday, February 12, 2016


Today on Twitter my pal George mentioned that he would like to know from a few people including myself what their twelve albums are that stayed with them over the years.  So I went through my record shelf and picked a dirty dozen. These are not what I consider the twelve best or musically most important records of my collection - that would be a different thing although there is obviously an overlap.

So let's go in alphabetical order .... 

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
... because it is (still) touching my heart and soul where it is dark and painful but important to go to. I am usually not a fan of female voices (sorry girls) but early Tori is an exception.

The Black Crowes - Southern Harmony And Musical Companion 
... because it changed me. It made music one of the most important things in my life. The name says it - it is a musical companion.

Biffy Clyro - Revolutions / Live at Wembley
... because it changed me back to the person that The Southern Harmony made me to and that I had lost in between. This is clearly not the best Biffy album - it is not even really an album, but it was my first and it had me under its spell in seconds. It stands for the beginning. 

David Bowie - Hunky Dory
... because it carried me through dark times and because Bowie is pure magic. Yes - IS - because the music is still here.

dEUS - Worst Case Scenario
... because it stands for long, fun nights in our favorite club - The Rolling Stone - and a really good time in my life. It is also a great record that somehow still sounds fresh. 

Peter Gabriel - US
... I threw a coin to choose between SO and US, because there is no other way to do it. I think everyone who was born in the early 70ies like me and cares a wee bit about music needs one of those two on the list. They are total game changers. Also ... Tony & Manu ... people, listen to Tony and Manu! 

Gibonni - Mirakul
... because Dalmatia (Croatia) - the land of the mountains and the sea - is where I can rest my soul and warm my bones and Gibonni is how Dalmatia sounds. This is his best record and he had some brilliant musicians recording it with him like Pino Palladino, Vlatko Stefanovski and Manu Katché. When I went to Zagreb many moons ago to watch Gibo's big Mirakul live show we had seats basically side stage and I could watch Manu Katché and Tony Levin (not Pino for the live show) playing for the whole night. It was awesome. 

Marmaduke Duke - Duke Pandemonium
... because it provides me with an answer to the question which record I would take on a lonely island if I could just take one. With its help I can cheat and listen to the Atmosphere AND the Dragon on that island without taking two records. It also never ever gets boring and it never fails to cheer me up.

Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral
... because it is genius. Period. Trent might be an asshole at times and he needs to urgently learn who Biffy Clyro are but it is still genius.  

The Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion 
... because I had a hard time choosing one album to represent the Grunge area. I am not the biggest Nirvana fan. Pearl Jam ... yeah. Soundgarden .. Badmotorfinger was a candidate. Or Alice In Chains? Dirt is definitely essential listening. But this album is probably best for catching the spirit of the time and it is damn good and stupidly underrated piece of music.

Sucioperro - Fused 
... because there are days in life - quite a lot actually - no other record can fix. None. It is a musical companion, too. 

The Twilight Sad - Nobody Wants  To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave 
... although it is not old enough yet for an "over the years" album but it is beautiful and it stands for not giving up. When you think you hit the bottom or came to the end of the road - try one more time. It's worth it. I am btw still almost embarrassed that I basically cried through the whole Electric Fields set last summer. I do not even know why. I could not stop but in the end that is what music is for, isn't it?

This list feels very incomplete. I had to delete several essential entries to keep it at the dozen, but it was fun. Thanks, George! 

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