Monday, June 22, 2015

Still operating ...

I abandoned my blog. I had a few longer breaks before but none of this extend. So I can only hope you are still with me or come back ... or find this place just now. 
It is not that nothing happened in the last few months. It is more that too much happened ... and at the same time not enough yet. I thought I went through much transition in my life already in the last couple of years and that this would be more of a bit calmer hiatus like time, but I could not have been more wrong. Everything is in motion. Really everything. And while I am quite adventurous and spontaneous sometimes this is only easy as long as the base is stable and familiar and all that.
The things that are happening now though hit the core - the base stopped being stable. I know .. change is good and life is made of ups and severe downs and in the end ... light shall break and bring a bright sky, but holy shit ... this is hard and scary

Sorry for being so cryptic and not telling you what's up but it is not the time yet, but I promise to stick more to the blog again and once things are decided and I know where my path is leading me you will read the stories here. That will take a while though. Just one thing is for sure ... same day next year things will be very different. And while I am seriously freaking over this I reached a point where I would be a bit disappointed as well if I would find myself against all expectations in the same place doing the same things feeling and thinking and living the same way as of today. 

In such emotionally exhausting times it is very important to slow down a bit and take some time to just breathe. Because of all the other wild and crazy things that formed the last years I did not make it since 2012 to the place where I can breathe best .... Croatia or better to be exact Dalmatia
Lucky enough our yearly all hands meeting from my work this year took place in Split and we had a long bank holiday weekend right before which in sum had me being enjoying my favorite summer residence for almost a week. 
It took not long for me to realize how much I missed this place. Over 20 trips to the land of the Croats burned the love deep into my genetics and the first tears of happiness were shed already in the plane when we sank down through some light clouds towards Split airport and I had the full view of the Kornati Islands and the coast line and then Primošten and finally just before touching ground .. Rogoznica
And it is really funny how fast things were falling in place again ... the familiar smell of stone and sea and sun, they way things work, the language (I was delighted to learn that my Croatian skills - although obviously massively declining without the continuous practicing - are still easily good enough for all the things of daily tourist life!!!), the food, the crystal clear sea ...  it was just amazing. 

Although the weather was a bit mixed up especially in the first few days and the water still a bit too cold for a dip in the ocean, Dalmatia did its magic. I felt pretty bad - physically and mentally - the days before the trip but it took only a few hours in a beach chair staring at the Adriatic Sea to realize that a lot of my issues were just pure stress and would ease with every breath. There is no better place for that than Dalmatia and you can bet that I won't allow it to be years again before I come back to rest my soul. 

The business part of the trip was cool as well. I have to say that the Radisson Blue Ressort Split which is usually not the type of accommodation I choose being more the holiday apartment type (and budget) was super awesome. I mean seriously ...  

It was as dreamy as it looks like and I did swim in this - unheated! - pool. It was cold, but it was awesome as well.
For many of my coworkers this was the first trip to Croatia ever and it made me so proud to see how much they liked and enjoyed it. I am pretty sure my favorite sunshine land gained a lot of new fans over the few days we could spend in Split

I leave you with a few more pics and will be soon back with another music blog post. I have seen LOTS of amazing bands over the last couple of months and need to really give you at least a quick overview. 

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