Monday, February 9, 2015

Do you believe in magic?

The fairy mom preparing my birthday
cake on Christmas Eve. 
"Do you believe in magic?" 

- the finishing line of "Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave" is very likely after quotes from "Machines" the most tattooed Biffy line of all times. And why is that? Because we all answer this question wholeheartedly with a big YES! 

We believe in the magic that unfolds when some friends come together and find a way to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences in music
Of course you could explain rationally what music is - how instruments work and how harmonies work and what a rhythm is and how notes can be put into a logical system and how you hit them or not - depending on your talent and skills.
But can you explain what it does to our souls and why? There is no way to capture that and that's the most wonderful magic right there. 

Or take a sunset like it happened Saturday evening in both of my favorite places - in Scotland and in Pittsburgh - were mother nature ended the day in a color orgy in red, orange, pink, violet and all shades of color in between. Of course you can explain what weather is needed to break the light in these colors of the spectrum, but ... who cares? What counts is that it made people coming out of their houses and stopping for a moment in their daily run to appreciate the unlimited beauty around us. That is magic, too.

I could name so many more examples ...
the magic in people crossing path in the most unlikely ways just to find out that in the one or the other way they belong together.
The magic of the fresh spring green winning the war against the grey and the cold year after year.
The magic in a book when the characters are more alive than some of the grey faced people who sit next to you in the commuter train to work.
You can go on and add to this list whatever is magical for you ... 

I know there are people who have no sense for magic and I am seriously sorry for them. Very sorry. And that is exactly where the story kicks in I want to share:

A few days ago the phone rang and I had my five-year-old niece on the line. After discussing all the details of her Frozen costume for carnival that I just completed with sending her the right tiara for her hairdo she told me in a very upset voice that she had a really bad fight with her kindergarten friend over Ilsa

Ilsa is my niece's fairy. She lives in the fairy house and garden (check the link for much cute and the first part of this tale) my niece, my sister and I had painted and set up together over two years ago. The fairy wears a brown dress, has shimmery wings, green eyes and pointed fairy ears (the description was and is always the same since Ilsa moved in 2012!).
The problem? My niece's friend does not believe in fairies and when she heard about Ilsa she said my niece is dumb and called her a baby for believing still in such things like fairies. She even said she does not want to be friends with my niece anymore because of that.
Our reactions? My sister - RAGING. Me - RAGING. My niece - RAGING

Don't misunderstand the situation here ... my niece is very smart and she knows a lot especially for a child her age about how the world works because she is an excellent observer. The point just really is that for her whole life already she DECIDES what she wants to believe and she wants the world to be magical and so it is. She understood what many adults either forgot or - like her friend obviously - never learned:
There is no such thing as the one reality. The world is made of so much more than what the ratio is able to capture. Not understanding this fact is like being able to see only two instead of three dimensional.  

My niece fought for Ilsa but she could not win - the other kid did not understand. So my sister and brother in law talked to her and so did I. We told her that the only thing that can be done is feeling sorry for her friend because she doesn't get magic and that it is not worth the energy of the fight. If somebody does not want to believe you most likely cannot change it.

Thankfully not all kids are the same and a few days later my niece's best friend stopped by for a visit. Still dealing with the fight my niece asked her if she was believing in faires and this young lady only irritated by the weirdness of the question just said "OF COURSE!" and moved on playing. Her fairy is out of town at the moment by the way because it is too cold. She is vacationing in the much warmer fairy land but everyone is looking forward to her return in spring. 

By the end of our phone conversation my niece was not so upset anymore, but came to the only logical conclusion:

"Oh well ... She just doesn't have fairy fantasy, does she?"


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