Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Of Biff 2014 - Episode 3 - Serengti

At this place you should see a long and really detailed blog post about our last stop for the "Summer Of Biff" at Serengeti Festival in Germany. It was a good post - RIP!
I had all night problems with saving the content and finally the blogger tool f***ed it up and now all is gone. I am too tired to write it all again and tomorrow I won't have the time, because I leave for vacation .... finally! 

So here is the very short version:
We had a great day. Serengeti is one of  the smaller and more relaxed festivals and we really enjoyed it. We decided not to spend the day at the barrier but check out the Black Lips (fun but a bit weird) and Mighty Oaks (really good live band) on the second stage in the tent. 

After that I caught some bits of the Guano Apes show that lots of the festival goers enjoyed much. It was a solid performance but I still do not like the band, the music and especially lead singer Sandra Nasić. Some things just never change.
The last band before Biffy was NOFX, who kind of really pissed me off with that punk attitude of the regular beer drinking dude who begs you for a Euro in front of an underground station. They might find it funny - I don't. "Kill All The White Man" as final track reminded me of good times at the Rolling Stone but could not change my impression anymore. I was quite happy when it was over. 

Finally .... Biffy. We made it to the barrier without queuing and hanging out there the whole day. It of course was not center stage but I was close to  my favorite spot on James' side and I could see all five guys. Nothing to complain here - at all.

The highlights of the setlist were The Thaw, 57 and Whores. I personally also especially loved the totally rocking versions of Living Is A Problem, Glitter & Trauma and Stingin' Belle (love that song more and more every time).
I also enjoyed the very intense and beautiful version of "The Rain" (Simon alone and acoustic) a lot which opened the encore. For me it was my little memorial for the great Steve Broadfoot - the former tourmanager of the Biff and the guy who made the wonderful LugPlugs (hearing protection system) which I use at every show. I have the honor and pleasure to have a fantastic email exchange with him safely stored in my inbox archive. He was a great guy and very inspiring person. Steve died of a brain tumor just like my dad and leaves a son behind who is exactly the same age as I was when my dad lost his fight. This is hitting home - badly.
I needed "The Rain" - the song Si had dedicated to Steve a few nights before - for my personal good bye and I am very grateful I got it. 

And so another great "Summer of Biff" came to an end. It was fantastic and I cannot wait for - ERMAHGERD - December!!!  Stay tuned! 

Black Lips

Mighty Oaks



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