Sunday, August 31, 2014


The last couple of months this blog turned more and more into a music blog, which was never really intended. It was always supposed to be about everything that comes to my mind: generals thoughts, travel posts, art in a wider context ... whatever.
I did not give up on this concept just my life has been pretty boring this summer. There is not much to tell when you get up, go to work, sit on your butt all day working, go home, go to bed and restart the whole process the next day again. I did escape the one long weekend or the other, but that usually was for gig travel ... and that's when we are back with music blogging

Of course there is enough going on in the world that has me thinking and would be worth to write about but at the moment it seems to be mostly really depressing stuff.
War in Gaza ... that's something I grew up with. War in Iraq ... didn't we have this already a while ago? And are we considered to be afraid of Russia and Russian dictators again? And of all kind of international terrorists as well - you know ... 9/11 style?
Also racism is very obviously still a thing and more well and alive than lots of us had thought and hoped so - the drama around the Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri, is just one of many examples.
You would think as well that decades of watching environmental catastrophes and their short and long term effects should have taught us that it's better to be careful with the planet but still quite a lot of people seem to think that crazy stuff like fracking is a good idea.
The list could go on and one ...

There are many things like this at the moment .... too many. It feels like mankind is looping and not learning from the past. I find that incredibly frustrating. Mistakes happen. Wrong decisions are made. That is part of being human - as single individual and as a collective - but making the same mistakes all over again and again is plain stupid but nevertheless it's happening at the moment - that is at least my personal impression - more than ever. 

Do I have an idea how to stop it? Not really, but I think it would be a good idea to simply be kind to each other. It does not require money, it does not require equipment and it does not need you to reach out around the world (although it's nice if you do and social media makes the world small anyway) - just be kind to the person next to you and we are off to a good start ....