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Not much going on here ... still. Obviously the 2nd half of 2013 got all the excitement and did not leave much for the first half of 2014 - at least not on the positive side of things. Just work, sad news and an ugly cold that is sticking with me for two weeks already and is not going away. Logically there is nothing big that deserves a long blog post, but instead a few short observations from the last couple of weeks. 

Get Off My Internets

"Get Off My Internets"
is a website you find at My headscratching starts already with the title of the website ... either somebody tries to be sarcastic or did not get the idea of the internet. Either way its users are definitely ignoring the fact that the easiest way to get stuff "off your internets" is  by not clicking on it. BOOM! Do not look at it, do not read it, do not interact with it. Sometimes it is that simple.
Obviously some readers have no clue about this strikingly easy solution to their problmes like for example the one that used the forum to write a fairly long article about why she hates my friend's (btw absolutely fabulous) blog. Hmmm ... why is she then exactly still reading it? I do not get it. If you can explain to me - the comment section is yours!

The same forum has also this wonderful subdivision about GERMAN BLOGGERS! Yay ... that's me? Right? Right.
Apparently I can choose why people will hate me. I could write in German, but ...
"I really have no idea if here is anyone from Germany or is reading german blogs on a regular basis but every blog that's written in german annoys the hell out of me."
Hmmm ... so maybe better not. Right? Right. I could write in English - just there is then one of the follow up postings ...
"I fucking hate when Germans, Austrians or Swiss blog in english. It is always sooo fake and try hard and a bad copy of the popular american blogs."
Looks like English is no option either. So what I am supposed to do? Stop writing at all or better shoot myself right away?

The decision for the language a blogger uses is depending on two things mainly: 1) The ability and desire to use a language - native or not. 2) The target group of the blog - the people it is addressing.
I went for English neither to be cool nor to annoy random readers. I did it because the people I want to share my thoughts with - my friends - are spread all over the planet. English is simply the language they all understand. I know my English is not perfect. I make hilarious mistakes all the time and it is sure "German" ... and a little Pittsburghese and a little Scottish and a little British because I am logically influenced by the people I talk to. But it is like it is and it is the only possible way for me to keep the blog going. 

The problem itself goes deeper though. You find it EVERYWHERE all over the internet and especially down the comment sections of news and commentary websites. There seems to be an inner force in people that makes them hate on practically everything and everybody and is also forcing them to put that hate out there. It puzzles me because I do not have it - at all. I don't agree with a lot of pepole, I have my discussions, I fight if necessary but ... hate for the sake of hate? I do not get it and it makes me doubt from time to time that mankind has a future

Thank God so so so so many wonderful things in my life are also driven by the power force of the internet and the opportunity it gives us to meet, to help each other and share the love and passion we have for pepole / things close to our heart. Maybe there is still hope. 


A couple of months ago a friend of mine got her first ink. It is a fairly small piece with a nice and inspiring quote that remindes her of some important people in her life. It is easy to cover by normal clothes. You would think in the 21st century and in a global metropole (no it was not in Munich ;)) a tattoo like this would be something nobody cares about anymore. Wrong!
She did share some of the comments she got and it is all still well alive ... the prisoner story, the gang story, the sailor story, the hooker story. All prejudices have safely survived the milenium.
Why it is so hard to let people make their very own choices? We inked people let you not inked people live your lifes and you just leave us alone as well and all is good. I can just say that I love every tattoo I have. They comfort me and give me strength and self-confidence more than even I had estimated before getting them. They are good for me. But that is just me - everyone needs to make their own decision. It is that simple - again. 


I had the joy and fun to open - barley recovered from the tonsilitis - the 2014 concert season with the fabulous MOGWAI from Glasgow. For a lyric driven person like me it is not so super easy to adjust to band that presents a mostly instrumental performance, but soon the magic of the sound did its thing. I most enjoyed the more heavy and rocking stuff (logically) with three guitars. That was some awesome and bloody loud noise (no problem though - I had my LugPlugs as always).
Although the venue (Backstage) was quite packed I was once more benefiting from the annoying habit of Munich people to show up late and had a nice barrier slot on the left hand side I enjoyed a lot.

Viktor & The Blood

The 2nd show of the season was Viktor & The Blood from Sweden and once again my lovely hometown was sound asleep. I have no other explanation for the fact that even the fairly small Ampere was pretty empty that night. Obviously not a lot of people here are aware that the band itself is new, but not the musicians - Viktor & The Blood are 2/3 former Sugarplum Fairy and 1/3 former Mando Diao and you could hear that! I mean that in the very best day, because what the few at the Ampere got to witness were no newcomers playing their first shows but three talented and highly professional musicians performing a great - even if short (they have only one album yet) - set.
What I have to positively note is that they sounded much heavier than you would expect from three petite, Mod dressed Swedes. My favorite song of the night was clearly "Don't Drag Me Down", but I loved the complete show. It was definitely not the last time I have seen Viktor & The Blood.


James approves!
It happened again. The rational part of my brain stopped functioning and my heart took over: in an attack of craziness I fired up my Ticketmaster account and bought a day ticket for Friday at T IN THE PARK with Biffy Clyro headlining.
I do not like big festivals AT ALL, but for the boys it is a very special show (10th time they play TITP) and so so so many of my folks are going. And I know myself ... if I would be at home that Friday night, I would sit in a dark corner of my apartment, LIVE FROM GLASGOW would play and big tears drop on my phone while I am watching all the pictures, tweets and messages coming in. JUST NO! It is not worth the pain.
Flights to Scotland will be booked this weekend and OH EM GEE ... I feel so much better now. I had no idea I wanted to go so badly until I did it.
 See you there!

PS: Note to my dear friend Gabrijela - no, this is again not the show I am waiting on for May / June. This is July 11 and a different event. Sorry :(

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