Monday, October 14, 2013

When I had a blackout during the blackout

This blog has  been silent longer than I had planned for because I went through some hard times. It happened when I returned together with visiting friends from the Steelers weekend in London. We were barely through the door and our cell phones were still updating happily hanging in my WiFi when the internet connection broke. Out of the blue and from one second to the next with no warning it was dead.
I will not borther you with the technical details, but it took 3 customer services, a tech visit to check the DSL, a new modem router and a long phone call with a couple of people in India (very helpful and nice ones!) and ONE FULL WEEK until I was properly online at home again. 

And of course - because it is not really fun when it does not suck as bad as possible - the technical blackout happened over the Pirates wildcard and most of the playoff games. So when PNC Park went on its own absolutely wonderful version of the blackout this apartment here was blacked out and OFFLINE. It was also OFFLINE over the Pens home opener. I cried. I cried a lot.
I of course know how to prevent the worst catastrophes and I when it was clear that the problem would not go away in time for the big game I went and bought a surf stick. The problem is just that the mobile reception in my building is terrible and the online connection with that stick was slow and not stable. BUT ... it was enough for the MLB game radio, when I had the notebook balancing on the top of my couch in a certain angle to the window. You get the picture and it is not a pretty one. But at least we managed to not be fully disconnected from what was one of the greatest nights in Pittsburgh sports in two decades.

Lots of people who need to go offline for some reasons tell that it is a sobering experience, that it was just hard in the beginning but then it became almost liberating and such things. 

Well, I can say for sure that it was nothing like that for me. It was pure stress and I felt severly disconnected from my friends (it did not take long until I started "you okay?" texts due to my sudden social media silence) and my life. Am I  worried about this? No, I am not. This way to live my life has its dependencies - like this week has proven perfectly - but it is the one I chose and I am happy with ... as long as nobody cuts again my data life line

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