Friday, October 25, 2013

Walking in Pittsburgh - It never gets tired

I just realized that I am taking less pictures on this trip. It was not planned this way, but there are a couple of good reasons for  that: 

1) I am lacking my regular travel pal and photographer Gabrijela. Not only her famous polaroids are not here on the blog because she could not come along this time, but I am also missing being around a photographer and looking at the city with the photographer's eye
2) My focus for this trip is way more on meeting people than "doing" things and put the experience into pictures
3) The weather takes only relatively short breaks from being cold and nasty and wet and without the hilariously blue Pennsylvania sky and the sunshine the pictures are just not the same. 

Nevertheless ... of course we had some nice weather here, too the last couple of days and I also of course had to make some pictures although at several points in the city it was the 100th time I lifted the camera for the same motif, but looking at this beautiful city just never gets tired.
Here are some of the few shots I made around the city in the last couple of days for example in my lovely neighborhood Lawrenceville. For many it might be already "too hip" - I still love it here!

The little square right by my house

Antique shop with reflection and duck

Typical Lawrenceville row houses

Downtown Pittsburgh

The Glass Castle - aka PPC Place

And ... the beautiful Roberto Clemente Bridge and its stunning sights

North Shore love for the sports

PNC Park 

PNC Park against the skyline

It is never too early to plan for a new trip and a new baseball season (Pitchers & Catchers Report - Feb 11 2014) right? 

My man - Jason Grilli

Team & Schedule

Important info for the spring trip

But until then it is all about .... 

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  1. thank you for posting your lovely photos.
    Let's Go Pens !

    Let's Go Bucs!