Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pens vs Isles - Kris Letang Edition

And here comes as promised the 2nd post about the game exclusively looking at Kris Letang. The Pens clearly missed Tanger, the fans missed Tanger, the puckbunnies missed Tanger - we all missed him

Did I miss him? Yeah ... I mean ... I do love watching him skate a LOT. The way he moves on the ice he is showcasing what makes this sport so special and awesome. And he CAN be very good - defensively and offensively.
What I on occasion do not like about him is that he sometimes just does not play really smart. He turns the puck over way too often, he sometimes does not think his actions through and then he can be pretty dangerous and not for the opposing team. I am also a defense fan and I prefer my dmen at my own blue line playing a responsible defensive game (and yes I am aware that the transition game out of the own zone is a big part of it and on a good day nobody takes off better than Tanger). Again ... Letang is very good with that, he sometimes just also isn't. My hope is that he will stabalize again this season and make us very happy. I would really love that. 

The word is that Kris Letang had his 5 Cent in it when the Pens tried to get Scuderi back. Obviously he wanted his linemate back and you could see already on Friday why. The two of them get along very well, and just click - Tanger can rush and Scuds makes sure that behind him all is safe. Scuds also seems to be able call Letang back and remind him on his dman job. 

I saw definitely more of Kris Letang than I thought I would because he stayed quite some time with us back there in double defense.
Sadly we had the pleasure of a Letang / Scuderi line only for 1 game and 1 period only. As the news broke last night Scuderi's injury is a broken ankle that requires surgery. No timetable for his return. The Pens injury bug strikes again. 

While Tanger looked fit and lightfooded he seemed to be on Friday not yet really into the game though, what would be probably a bit too much to expect anyway for a first season game after a long injury. 

But enough talking. Ladies & Gents ... 


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