Monday, October 28, 2013

Groundhog Day? Strip District!

"Wait!" I hear you saying. "I am reading this blog every now and then now for quite a while (Thank you! Says the author) And I am ABSOLUTELY sure, that I have seen most of these pictures already!" 

And yes - I have really not much to say in my defense because you are right. This blog is already packed with pictures of the Strip District from the earlier trips to Pittsburgh and especially the photos from last fall are - logically - quite similar. It's just ... I cannot stop it. I love this neighborhood so much, it never fails to impress me again and I never can keep the camera in the bag. 

I just hope you can enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed these bright and sunny last hours of the 2013 Pittsburgh fall trip!

The skyline from the parking lot behind the Produce Terminal - always a great sight!

Walking around on a sunny day like this is so much fun!

Strip District murals - 3 of many 

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  1. Hej,
    Great pictures! Love them so much and I want to go to Pittsburgh so badly!
    Thanks for sharing your Pittsburgh adventures with us!