Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Walk - Allegheny Cemetery

The last day of a trip to Pittsburgh can be overloaded with fun things (like this day was), but it always has already the melancholy of saying good bye one more time. Although I know I partly ruin that day for myself I usually spend quite some time crying and blaming the greater powers for making time such a tricky concept. While painful experiences seem to stretch out to an enormous lenghth good times seem to fly by and run trough our hands like sand or water. Unstoppable and relentless

This final Friday started with a nice breakfast with friends at the Square Café and while it was very cold and rainy / snowy in the early hours it started to clear up to a poster perfect Pittsburgh day when the day got older. Before I was heading from the Square to the Strip for the final shopping and farewell round I used the little bit of  time I had between appointments to stop by at the Allegheny Cemetery and go for a silent fall walk to slow my day down and at least starting to process the last couple of days. 

The Allegheny Cemetery was opened in 1845 and is one of the oldest common cemeteries of the USA. It is settling in the hilly landscape of  the city and the main gate is in Lawrenceville - my neighborhood. The cemetery is beautiful and big - it has over 100,000 graves

Walking around and watch  the sun and the wind playing with the clouds in the crystal clear cold air of this late fall day was exactly what I needed. It is a wonderful place if you need a break from the rush of daily life. 

PS: Does any one of my Pittsburgh friends know anything about the family burried in this one? Because - without being disrespectful - if the story here is NOT that the person was a famous archeologist or something like that, I have to scretch my head a bit, but it sure does look impressive.

EDIT: Here is the information about the "egyptian" grave. Thank you, Becky! 

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