Monday, October 21, 2013

At the Point

I am on vacation, I had a hilariously exhausting trip behind me that ended only late in the evening the night before and I was still tired, but I got up at 6.30 am on Saturday anyway to make it to Point State Park, because my packed "all sports" day would start with brunch at the Omni William Penn Hotel at 10 am. Why the stress? I wanted to see THE DUCK before it was to get deflated right the next day. 

The duck is part of the 2013 Carnegie International and it is a project of the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. And the duck made Pittsburgh happy.
When you try to tell people about the magic of a giant rubber duck they scratch their heads and look at you like "Really? A giant ... rubber duck?" But I  think that is exactly what made the duck a perfect fit. If I tell people about how awesome Pittsburgh is they give me the same "Really?  ... Pittsburgh?" look (at least in Euope it happens all the time).
And Pittsburgh has embraced that duck. When it arrived thousand of people came to the party on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, the duck served as lucky charme for the Pirates who made it into the postseason the first time after two decades and lots and lots of people came to Point State Park to visit the duck every day.
And do not even think 8.00 am on a Saturday morning would make any difference. It was crowded already at the Point. I was obviously not the only one sacrificing weekend sleep for the duck, but it was worth it. 

I loving memory of  the Pittsburgh rubber duck - my pictures: 

It had its last big nation wide TV appearance during the Steelers game on Sunday and now is gone ... It might come back for the one or other big special event though, Keep your fingers crossed!

But the duck was not my only highlight at Point State Park, because of THE FOUNTAIN! This is my first trip ever with the fountain at the Point working and I could  not wait to see it and take pictures. A lot of pictures. Here two some of them: 

I am so happy it is back. It is such an important part of downtown Pittsburgh. Now Point State Park is back to old glory celebrating the beauty of the city with nice sights all around. 

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