Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All Sports Saturday

Sports and especially hockey is always a big part of my Pittsburgh trips. So an all sports day on Saturday was an awesome way to start into the weekend. The Pens game was early at 1 pm and it was my first lunch time game. It is weird to go from brunch to hockey but  then in the end when it all gets started it does not really matter anymore. 

It was a great game and an awesome battle that went into OT and then a shootout and ended with a Pens win! YAY!

The best moment was when Olli Maatta scored his first NHL goal! The kid is AWESOME! Although seeing anybody else than Douglas Murray with the #3 still hurts, I do love Maatta. His first goal was in the air all game and when it finally happened the CEC exploded in a playoff style cheer and everybody jumped on his feet and freaked out. Olli on camera looked like he tried to ignore the madness all around him. The players were all smiles as well and hugged the kiddo. It is one of these moments where you cannot do other than love this sport and this team.

I hate shootouts and I usually lie face down on my couch or in my bed and listen only with cold sweat dropping from my forehead. I also felt the urge to throw myself to the floor here but there is not enough space at the seats. People also might have looked at me funny. Maybe.
Thank god Fleury LOVES shootouts and delivered a mad performance and with Geno scoring a smart goal we got it. FUN! 

Here are some pictures: 

I love these warm up minutes at the glass

Duper & Joey V


Game action with Sid


Olli & Jussi 

The Captain

Pens win! 
Right after the game we changed over to the North Shore and I went to my first ever tailgate. It was fun although (or maybe a bit  because) the weather got REALLY bad and the tents that the guy had set up for the grill, food and drink stations took of in the nasty wind like the house in the "Wizard of Oz". We caught them though.

A little while later we walked over to Heinz Field for the PITT game and I was really curious to see it the stadium finally from close by and from the inside. Sadly the jetlag and the weather caught up with me. I got very, very, very tired and it got very, very, very, very cold. I thought I might die right there.
Thanks heaven we had club seats, which means there is an "inside" where you can buy food and drinks and get yourself a table and watch the game on big screens. That is ... weird, because why would you go to a game and then watch it on TV? I mean ... except when you are severly underdressed for a sudden winter night and have a bad jetlag? I ended up spending only one quarter outside and the rest inside because I did not want to  get sick the first day of the trip and I was lucky it was possible. I would have had to go home otherwise.

PITT won and I am happy I was there for spending time with my friends and seeing Heinz Field. I loved that "I was there" feeling already the next day when I watched the Steelers beating the Ravens (HELL .... YES YES YES!) on my biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig TV.

I will miss this house, that giant TV with all the sports channels and my lovely, lovely car dearly when I have to leave here.  SIGH.

Here are some pics from Heinz Field

Heinz Field in a cold, cold night

PITT marching band

Game action

PITT brought the 2nd Pittsburgh win for the day home

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