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Save my soul with Rock 'n' Roll - Johnossi in Duesseldorf

Johnossi  - Duesseldorf, ZAKK - 22 June 2013

Life always has other plans than the ones you made - that's not exactly new, but it proofs itself right again and again. 

My trip to Cologne and Duesseldorf was planned for quite some time already. My dear friend Anita had invited me for the weekend to drive together to Tilburg in the Netherlands on Sunday night to catch my boys of The Black Crowes on their European tour. I had initially not planned to go since there were no dates in Germany and none even kind of close to Munich, but when Anita offered to do the two hours drive from Cologne for me I did not think twice, got tickets and booked my flights up North. 

When the trip came closer I got a message from Anita that the Swedish band Johnossi would play the night before The Black Crowes in Duesseldorf and asked if I would be in for that one as well. Sure, was my reply. There is nothing sweeter than a double live music weekend and I had missed Johnossi in Munich due to my US trip earlier this spring.

I had listened to a couple of Johnossi songs before but honestly not that many and not that often. I kind of liked what I had heard but the band was not really in my focus - until Saturday, when the boys played a FANTASTIC live show - loud, fun, mystic, intensive ... brilliant. I am very grateful they stopped on their way to play some festivals and totally ROCKED the ZAKK club, because it turned out they were the only band we would see this weekend:
Saturday night at 11 pm I got an email that The Black Crowes show was cancelled due to illness. That usually would have made me really sad (and I am indeed still sad and dissapointed), but it wasn't THAT bad because when I got the message I was still on a real live music high thanks to John & Ossi and their new 3rd man on stage, keyboarder Matthias

This is the first tour ever Johnossi play as a trio. Before Matthias joined the line up only guitarist and singer John Engelbert ....

... and Drummer Oskar (Ossi) Bonde would rock together. 

No bass player, no 2nd guitarist - nothing. Just John and Ossi

The two met already as teenagers growing up near Stockholm and started their Indie duo Johnossi in 2004. The first record was released not much later in 2005. 

The band got a little more successful with every record and every tour. They got known by an international audience by touring with other Swedish bands like Mando Diao, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Hives or The Shout Out Louds and their own club and festival tours. 

Earlier this year Johnossi released their 4th album "Transitions" which they now promote on the road. The first single was the catchy "Gone Forever".

Johnossi -- Gone Forever - MyVideo

The new songs add keyboard sounds recorded by 
Martin Hederos of The Soundtrack of Our Lives to the basic power mix of guitar, voice & drums. Live now the earlier mentioned Matthias is playing the keyboard on stage. The very special combination of John's voice and Ossi's drums is still the centerpiece of the Johnossi show, but the additional keyboards add new sound elements and allow more variations like you can hear already in the opening track of the show "Into the Wild".

Johnossi -- Into The Wild (Live) - MyVideo

The show itself was louder, crazier, better - by far - than I had expected. I LOVED it and so did the very happy audience in Duesseldorf who rocked along right from the first tune.

Great audience at the ZAKK. This is only the 2nd song! 

We had a blast and it was for sure not our last Johnossi show. Thank you for making our night! 

PS: I was very impressed by the HUGE sound the band created with this very limited instrumentation (John used practically only 2 guitars through the whole night). That is why I took for the guitar nerds out there a pics of John's set up. Check it out ...

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