Monday, May 13, 2013

Music guest blogging for the Scottish Album of the Year Award

A couple of days ago James of the fab Scottisch band The Twilight Sad (just back from the US were they played several shows as support for the awesome Frightened Rabbit) posted a link to the great blog post he wrote for the website promoting the Scottish Album of The Year Award
The topic of his and quite some more amazing posts is "the album" - meaning the whole record vs single or even single track - as a format to enjoy music. The posts are an absolut pleasure to read and I shared the link via Facebook and Twitter.
Only a few minutes later then I was more than thrilled when the SAY Award team asked me to contribute to the blog as well with my thoughts about "the album".

My blog post went live on the SAY Award blog page today and here is a teaser:

... As positive most of this is, there is one thing that really bothers me and that is the short attention span that a lot of people now seem to have for music. It is awfully popular to pick only a single track out of albums with investing just a pound or even less and ignoring the fact that there are more tunes to a record than the radio single just downloaded. I mean it’s easy, it’s fast and it is fun to purchase and consume this way – I get it. But folks:  You are missing out! Badly!

Let me tell you how I listen to music, how and why I am still listening to albums.

I will start with a surprise:  I hate having a new album. Boom!

It is actually not that I dislike the thing itself – it’s the opposite. I have my heart racing when the brand new release of one of my favorite bands is sitting in front of me sealed and un-listened. But what I hate is the fact that at this point all the songs are new to me. It is like finally meeting this one person you adore for a long time and then you are finally getting introduced and it’s really awkward ...

Please read the full blog post here:  Scottish Album of the Year Award - Blog

PS: Scottish people rock - just in case you did not know :)!!! 

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