Thursday, May 2, 2013

Drop the puck Vol. 3 - Pens 5 : Islanders 0

It is late at night and I am pretty exhausted, but I want to share the experience of my first LIVE playoff game before I go to bed. The good news are: 

- PENS WON (and what a win it was!)
- I survived without having a heart attack although right before the game it was a close call

But let's tell the story in pictures ....

It was an absolutely stunning day in Da Burgh and the city looked so pretty from the CEC parking lot:

Even prettier - the CEC itself with its playoff dress on: 

Pregame totally rocked and that was when I lost it and had to cry - just a little (okay more than just a little ... anway):

Then we were under way *squeeeeee*.  The scroreboard says "ARE YOU READY?"  Ahem ...  YES!!!!

Then we had goals - a lot of them:

Beau Bennett scored the first goal and the kid played a badass awesome game the whole night. BEAU KNOWS HOCKEY!

Goals for everybody - even for Tanner Glass (congratulation!)

Jussi is really good with these face offs! 

All of these guys were awesome all night but most of them had to go to the locker room 2 minutes early:

And that was because of the Islanders being pissed about Jussi's awesomeness, which lead to an awful hit on our poor fin (please, please be okay): 

Immediatly after the hit Iggy, Duper and Murray cornered Marty Reasoner, who had kneed Jussi, and "told" him pretty clearly that this is a NO GO. They all had to leave the game after this, but: GOOD BOYS! 

Here you can watch the whole thing:

Not so good news also:  James Neal had to leave the game with a possible ankle injury (rumors (!) say he is okay,  but was taken out precautionally - no need to risk something with a 5:0 lead). Up from that point poor Geno passed  the puck in to the free room several times and nobody was there to pick it up. 71 really needs 18 and vice versa. 

Five goals are something really fantastic, but five goals and a shutout are SUPER AMAZING and the main credits for the shutout part of the awesomeness go to these two gentlemen: 

The one and only Mr. Douglas Murray *swoon* (could not suppress this - sorry ;) ) 

And the No 1 star of the night: FLEURY, FLEURY, FLEURY

See you on Friday when it is time to swirl the towel again!

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