Thursday, May 2, 2013

A double taco date and more Pittsburgh awesomeness

After visiting the Carrie Furnace we drove over to Homestead for lunch at the wonderful Smoke Taqueria with our friends of Rivers of Steel. We were a bit tired after the photo session but a pork taco, queso, black beans and a Mexican Coke later we felt refreshed and ready for an adventure:

We went just accross the street to meet Olivia Crocker at the building site of her upcoming bar / restaurant / club "DOROTHY 6 - Blast Furnace Cafe".  Dorothy 6 was one of the first blast furnaces that was shut down although the steel workers had done everything to safe her (Read more here). Her legacy should come alive again at the new restaurant Olivia is planning to open. With lots of love, energy and money the historic house, that will be the home of "Dorothy 6", is restored and revived at the moment. Carefully the old stairs, walls and ceilings will be renovated and some pieces like a giant chandelier in the entrance area already give you an idea of what is coming. We also had a peak at the upper floor that is full of wonderful antiques. The beautiful pieces will be contrasted later with gritty but pretty leftovers from the furnaces like original steel worker lockers from the Carrie Furnace and custom made modern art works

Olivia plans for an opening in October and I can tell you already that the "Dorothy 6" will be awesome and one more great step in the revitalization of Homestead

From there we then rushed to Oakland to catch our friend James Rich and his PGH Taco Truck in the parking lot of  the local TV station WQED. We were a little late but James and his sous chef Dan were so nice to make me a super delicious jerk chicken taco that filled the little open slot in my belly which was left after having a taco at Smoke just shortly before (but isn't there always space for another taco?). 

took a picture of Gabi and me, commented it with the fact that we traveled over 4,000 miles for this taco and posted it on Instagram and Twitter. 30 seconds later a silver haired gentlemen stormed out of the WQED building telling James he would not believe his last tweet about the taco travelers. And that is how Pittsburgh magic got in full swing again, because the gentleman was nobody else than Pittsburgh TV legelnd Rick Sebak!  And here we are (James, me and Rick - from left to right):

Realizing that we are really from Germany and in love with Pittsburgh Rick invited us into the TV station (WOW!) and was showing us Mr. Rogers' tree (!) at the studio where the show was filmed and the radio station. We could even have a look into his office, which is probably also the biggest liberary of Pittsburgh related books and DVDs the city has to offer. On top (Christmas???? Looks like it.) we got a lot of Pittsburgh documentaries to watch in Germany to fight the "homesickness". Could there be any better way to spend a Pittsburgh afternoon? I guess not. THANK YOU, Mr. SEBAK!

On top of all this awesomness we finished the day with an outstanding dinner at E2.  The restaurant is nicer than I thought it could be and we LOVED the food! If I would live in Pittsburgh I would have a table with my name on in a corner of this place. 

What a crazy wonderful Pittsburgh day  ... Thank you, lovely city! 

All polaroids (location "Dortohy 6") by Gabrijela Obert

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