Thursday, April 25, 2013

Visit (Downtown) Pittsburgh

The perks of being on a two weeks instead of one week trip is that you can afford a slow day. On Monday morning I woke up looking really stupid with funky assembled sunburned patches of skin on the right hand side of my body ... like right hand, right side of neck, right side of chin. It was really pretty (not). The weather outside was hilariously nice and after getting ourselves moving we drove out to the Square Cafe for a nice breakfast with the fantastic Square bacon and homefries.
This should have been energizing just like the wonderful sunshine outside, but we figured out that we were terribly tired. Traveling for 24 hours on Friday, being out and about Saturday and Sunday and the drastic change from freezing to summer like temperatures finally caught up on us. Last year when we had zero time we would have just kept going but this time we accepted that this was not a Rock'n'Roll day for us and slowed down. We just went for a little walk, hang out at home and stopped by for "No Menu Monday" at Bar Marco to have an early dinner. This week Casa Rasta was cooking up hot but delicious ribs.
The day ended with us on the couch watching the Pens game. This is such a luxury for me ... hockey on TV at a decent hour. So lovely! 

The next day we felt much better and went for a trip to Downtown Pittsburgh. First stop was the Visit Pittsburgh Welcome Center at Fifth Avenue Place. I can only recommend to every Pittsburgh visitor to go there and stock up on information material and ask the lovely staff their questions. I am pretty sure without the Welcome Center I would today not be in Pittsburgh.
When I came over for the first time in February 2011 I came alone, I barely knew people here (so grateful that this changed A LOT), I had not rented a car. It was nasty, wet, windy and cold and I felt pretty lost unable to figure out Pittsburgh public transportation. This is how I ended up at the Welcome Center where I was indeed welcome and a good soul explained Pittsburgh busses to me and printed easily a dozen of bus travel plans to all kind of places I wanted to go to. That really saved my trip and it was a great lesson about how people here are - friendly and ready to help the struggling visitor and happy to share the awesomeness of their city. It is one of the reasons why I just keep coming back and why I brought a friend and will bring more friends. I want to share the great experience as well.

Another great thing is that the members social media team of Visit Pittsburgh are fantastic supporters of this blog, and keep sharing my Pittsburgh related posts and already brought a lot of new visitors to this site.

As you can see there were really good reasons to go to Fifth Avenue Place, put faces to social media names and say thank you for all the support and now also a for a great visit. We learned even more and new things about Pittsburgh, got a great update about the latest developments in the city we love and had the chance to see it from a brand new perspective as you can see from the pictures below. Those people know their place and if you come here and want to know it as well just go here online to plan your trip or in person

Food wise we had a absolutely wonderful lunch at the new location of Il Pizzaiola at Market Square and yummy strawberry and Nutella crepes from PGH Crepes - a new, young food vendor worth to support. The crepes are perfect and taste like at home in Europe. 

The bird's eye view from Fifth Avenue Place ...

Back to the ground ...

Polaroids by Gabrijela Obert

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