Monday, April 22, 2013

Take me out to the ball game

Our day No 2 started with much appreciated sunshine, because our plan was to spend the day with friends at one of Pittsburgh's most famous and most beautiful places:  PNC PARK!

The morning was really chilly and we were slightly concerend about what that would mean for a full day outside and we prepared ourselves with putting on hockey underwear (me) and packing a thick blanket (Gabi) and drove downtown to meet our lovely friends for a brunch full of chat and laughter.
After some serious eggs and bacon breakfast we walked over the beautiful Clemente Bridge to  the ballpark to watch the Pirates

Our dear friend Eileen had organized stunning front row seats down at the green, which were not only so close to the players that it was breathtaking, had an amazing view on the skyline, but were also free of any wind chill and fully in the bright spring sun. While you had to wear a winter jacket in the shade, we sat with our sunglasses on and jackets off all afternoon. It was WONDERFUL and I congratulated myself practically all day that we had put on sunblocker, but I had burned my face once before on a sunny April day in Pittsburgh and did not want to let that happen once again (Note at the next morning: not enough sunblocker - right hand, ear and side of neck burned). 

The game was really fun and after Jason Grilli successfully defending the 4:2 lead vs the Atlanta Braves in the 9th we could raise the Jolly Roger - YAY!!

My personal highlight of the day: I HI5ed the Pirates Parrot!!! 

PNC Park has really the most beautiful view on the city: 

The players

Two Pittsburgh legends: Heinz Ketchup & The Cutch 

The handsome Mr. Jones 

Starling Marte

The also very handsome Mr. Grilli getting ready for the 9th

A fan favorite picture category - butt shots ;) 


The Pierogi Race

You are not from Pittsburgh and find yourself just wondering .. what the hell...!!?? Don't ask ;) 

And finally Mr. Grilli did what Mr. Grilli does best ... 

 and we could ... 

All images in enlarge when you click on them. Just in case ... ;)