Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood - Lawrenceville

I am in love. I am in love with exactly what you see in this picture. Every morning when we get out of our house in Lower Lawrenceville, climb in our car an turn around one little corner we see: THIS! 

We always live in Lawrenceville, when we are in Pittsburgh and we drove down here already hundreds of time, but this view makes my heart stop for a second every time and when I return home again in a couple of days I will miss this so much. Wouldn't you, too?

Saturday morning came sunny, summer warm and gorgeous and it came with the glorious knowledge that we would NOT need to drive to the aiport now after ending our time in Pittsburgh but just stay another week. Glorious! To celebrate the day we ... slept in and then went for a long breakfast to our other home - Espresso A Mano (I wish I could fold it together, put it in a pocket and take it home with me!). Hanging out at our table we considered what to do with the wonderful day before we had to get ready to meet friends for early dinner and me going to the next Pens game and like so often the best things are the easy ones:

We decided it is just like Mr. Rogers used to say  "A beautiful day in the neighborhood" and definitely time to show some love for the place that we pratically call home - Lawrenceville! 

Some people love to make jokes about the hood being the epicenter of Pittsburgh's hipster community and indeed you see lots of  "accidently" stylish people around, but to be honest: I like it.
And I like to be around people with mostly creative jobs and lots of tattoos. I mean ... I am myself not exactly 20 anymore, but love the growing ink work on my skin and at least here in Pittsburgh we are a traveling writer and a traveling photographer. So that is definitely a fit.

Lawerenceville is also beautiful, lively and special. It is additionally close to everything - at least every place we usually go to and we LOVE IT!

So people of the world - meet our hood!

All polaroids by Gabrijela Obert

 Lunch at Franktuary - super duper delicious!


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