Thursday, April 25, 2013

Drop the puck Vol. 1 - Pens 2 : Sabres 4

This trip to Pittsburgh is a very special one for me hockey wise. Usually when you have to plan so long in advance you stay off the playoff season. Although this is truely the best and most exciting time of the year, it is too unpredictable.  You cannot say in advance when the games are, you cannot be sure to get tickets. It is just something you cannot risk - except you can stay TWO weeks instead of one! 

After being here in October with a lockout keeping me away from my boys the plan for this spring is to get in as much hockey as possible and that means: the last two regular season games, the first playoff game (YES, I scored ticktes) and eventually also the 2nd playoff game at least outside the CEC at Mario's TV or maybe even inside - we'll see. That is a LOT of hockey and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

The first game we had tickets for against the Buffalo Sabres had to be rescheduled on Tuesday because the Pens were stuck over the weekend in Boston.
The game itself was unimportant since the Pens already have won their division and you could tell from the game and the really lame audience but it was great, great fun anyway because we had STUNNING seats at center ice section 112 in row F. It was so awesome to see the team from so close. Although that game was a loss, it was nice to see Iggy and Geno doing pretty well together and Geno in general was just stunning to watch. Kris Letang indeed skates faster backwards than most guys forward (I knew that and have seen it before, but it is always a pleasure to watch) and Douglas Murray is in real life indeed - HUGE - and pretty gorgeous. 

My favorite part was clearly the warm up because I could go down to the boards and watch from as close as possible. Most of the pictures were taken there.
I had also a lot of fun with our beloved Dan Potash. Before the team came out I tweeted him over that I could see him from directly across the ice and he tweeted right back and waved (and so did I). I love Social Media. I really do. And:  THANKS DAAAAN!  That was awesome! 

So so so close:







Dupuis & Adams





Polaroids by Gabrijela Obert

Get well soon, Jimmy! (That is me in front of Le Magnifique)

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