Sunday, March 3, 2013

Save my soul with Rock 'n' Roll

Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro saving my soul in Cologne

February is a difficult month for me. I am slowly coming out of the long dark tunnel that Christmas means to me in the need of leisure time, fresh air, the urge to move and feel my body and the sun warming my bones.  Just ... I live in the wrong part of the world for all this. Here in Germany February usually is the month winter peaks with ice cold days and even colder nights and at least here in Bavaria lots of snow. This year was especially hard because it was reportedly the darkest winter in decades. The sun was practically never seen and that turned out to be REALLY depressing.

Although (or maybe because) I am born in winter times (Christmas day) I am a child of the sun and always suffered from some fall / winter depressions. Although it may sound funny to you, but hockey really helped so far. When you become a hockey fan than fall does not only mean a painfully fading out summer but also training camp and finally the start of a new season. Except .... when there is no season like this fall when the NHL was on lockout and hockey did not return before the new year. And when the season finally kicked off we were looking at 48 games in 99 days, which means PLENTY of week day games I cannot watch due to the time difference. 

You get the picture ... this winter in particular was dark and long for me and I was in severe need of something that would cheer me up and that was a good old friend of mine called .... Rock 'n' Roll! 

I went to see more live shows in the short month of February than in the past six months together and one more (The Killers) is still to come.

The Killers play on Tuesday this week. For Wednesday the forecast has sunshine and 13°C, which means SPRING - perfect timing. 

Seen now "Save my soul with Rock 'n' Roll" featuring:
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