Sunday, March 3, 2013

Save my soul with Rock 'n' Roll - The Joy Formidable in Munich

The Joy Formidable - pic from the promo kit at

A while ago some friends and I decided that we were lacking music in our lifes and decided to try to pick a show at least every couple of weeks and see some bands - some we know and like as well as some new ones. The budget limit is around 20 EUR and the action needs to take place at a well accessible club in Munich. 

The show of The Joy Formidable met both requirements and after a short check on youtube and a positive review of their new album "Wolf's Law" found at VISIONS we decided to go. 

I always find it a bit strange to go to a show where I only know one or two songs of the headlining band, but on the other hand there is no better way to make me a real fan than with a good live show (see Friska Viljor). 

The Joy Formidable are originally from North Wales and is set up as a trio with Ritzy Bryan (lead vocals, guitar), Rhydian Dafydd (bass, backing vocals) and Matt Thomas (drums). Matt was my absolute favorite - that man can play the drums and he is a big part of the enormous NOISE and fun those three people can create. Just wow! 

While I think it is very impressive and rare enough that a tiny lady like Ritzy is the frontwoman and guitar player of an indie rock band, I have in general my trouble with female singers. I know that it is really not fair, but female voices barely get me and I had the same problem with Ritzy. She is for sure great and I can totally see why the fans of the band love her, but .... not my piece of cake. Sorry for that ;(

The highlight of the show was definitely the final part. While the whole concert was pretty powerful and mostly on the harder side of indie rock (much appreciated), the whole band seemed towards the end to shift up a gear or two ... faster, louder, wilder - better. The audience - and especially the first few rows packed with the real fans of the band - flipped out totally and really loved it. We in the back stood speechless and impressed by this erruption. Really cool stuff. 

All together it was an enjoyable night with a pretty good band - not exactly 100% mine, but definitely better than much I have seen in the last couple of years. 

This is the video of the single "This Ladder Is Ours", which I really liked - you also get an impression why Matt Thomas was my man of  the night:

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