Sunday, March 3, 2013

Save my soul with Rock 'n' Roll - Friska Viljor in Munich

Joakim & Daniel of Friska Viljor very sucessfully saving my soul

A little more than a year ago - in November 2011 - I stumbled badly prepared at the side of my friend Anita into a show of her favorite band Friska Viljor. I expected a fun show of a Swedish indie rock band I just knew a couple of songs of and went out over two hours later happy, sweaty and teary eyed because it was OVER while I wanted it to last longer and do it ALL AGAIN! You can read all about this first Friska experience here
After that first show I learned that what I caught was a well known "disease" called the "Friska Virus" that infects pretty much everybody who ever walks into one of their shows and turns the fans into far traveling habitual concert addicts. So I was definitely not alone. 

After that first show I told Anita that I felt pretty stupid - and lonely - because I did not know the lyrics of the songs while everybodyelse did and knew I had  to fix this. It turned out that I had enough time to stick to my word because the boys dissapeared for a while from the European stages to have more babies (Daniel's 2nd son and Joakim's 1st daughter were born) and to write a new album that is now released and called "Remember Our Name" (No worries guys, none of us could forget your name!). 

Friska Viljor's Thobias Eidevald 
Buuuuut ... a new album means a new tour and here we go! A concert in Munich was announced well fitting into my rocking February and of course Anita came over from Cologne to see the boys rockin' the South of Germany again.

And what I should tell you? IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! AGAIN!

There might be bands with more complex lyrics explaining you the world, there might be bands with a more sophisticated sound piercing your ears, but you will barely find a band that is so much fun to watch, sing along and party with. And you will also have trouble finding a band that has so much fun playing live.

The perfect moment of this show was when Daniel and Joakim were alone on stage with a guitar and the cute little pink keyboard (see picture on top) and changed the set list spontaneously to play "My Thing" - a song they had not praticed and played live for a while. They started a couple of times, stopped, tried again, laughed, launched into fun versions playing around with tuning and speed before they more or less made it through the song. With almost every other band you would have thought "What the ... ????" but when Friska Viljor do something like that it is all charming and fun and special and you just want to hug them for being like they are and tell them to never ever change. 

The audience in Munich had a bit of a slow start with the new songs and when I  - now all word-perfect fangirl - was singing along my favorite song "Useless" I missed the enthusiam of the Augsburg audience from 2011 a lot, but that changed in the 2nd half of the show when they played all the popular fun songs including the wonderful "Appregio" with some of the best lines ever put into a song:

"Let's do something out of the ordinary!

Let's do it good, and do it now
Doors are open for us to storm them all
Without a care for whats inside
I'm gonna meet you out tonight."

If you ever sit alone at home wondering if you should do something crazy or not and your heart fights your ratio - that is the song you need! 

The final song was of course the EPIC "Shotgun Sister" and I am sharing the video here with Daniel and Joakim playing the song in the middle of the crowd in front of the stage. As you can see and hear - there were LOTS of happy people severly infected with the "Friska Virus" :)

And here you have the original set list taken off the stage just missing the mentioned "My Thing" and "Shotgun Sister" at the end:

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