Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting the new year in a new country

Before this trip my only contact with Belgium was a flight change at Brussels airport and so I was curious what to expect when some of my friends suggested  to spend a short New Year's Eve vacation in De Haan, Belgium.
As a kid I spend countless vacation at the North Sea shore but I haven't been there for years and almost forgot how beautiful it is, but right when we arrived the salt in the air and the screams of the seagulls brought tons of memories back.

NYE itself was a rainy day and after our arrival we spend it together in our rented house cooking together, sharing the one or other bottle of wine and talking fun stories until midnight. What a nice and relaxed way to welcome the new year!

The next morning thankfully the sun won against the clouds in a glorious fight:

We enjoyed a wonderful long walk at the beach - what a pleasure for body and soul!

Of course it was cold and windy - like you would expect on a January morning -, but with a nice winter coat, a scarf and some gloves it was no problem at all.

The 2nd half the day we visited the city of Bruges. The stunningly beautiful historical old town dating back to the 11th century in its oldest parts is UNESCO World Heritage and because of its many channels it is called the "Venice of the North".

If you ever make it to this area go to Bruges - it is absolutely worth it!


Oh and before I forget ... all the great things you hear about Belgian chocolate are TRUE!

A great trip to a beautiful country with some of your best friends is a perfect way to start the new year - 2013 is on the way to become awesome already!

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