Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's OVER!

And while we are just talking about how 2013 had a good start here are more good news:


Hockey will be back in about 1.5 to 2 weeks and I can't wait to shout:

As happy as I am it does not mean, that I am not angry anymore how the NHL and NHLPA managed this process. I am still angry A LOT for all the reasons lined out here.
BUT ... I am also still a Pens fan and I am proud that it were the representatives of my team who were the ones who fought hard to end this nightmare at an earlier point. That it was my captain who expressed what we were all thinking and feeling, when he said that he did not understand why the groups were not negotiating day and night while the time was running out fast and more and more games were cancelled. 

And this is why I am such a happy person and can't wait to have my boys back soon again ... and because I LOVE HOCKEY!

This Monday morning I woke up to the of course hockey related column of the Trib's Dejan Kovacevic - one of my favorite local sports writers:

Just be glad that hockey is back

What hit me hard in the bus to work was especially the great final paragraph:

"I only care now that, very soon, 18,387 fans will jam Consol, from Jean Pronovost-era season-ticket holders to the Knitting Lady to Cy “Malka-mania” Clark. Jeff Jimerson will clear his throat, the puck will drop, and the world‘s greatest sport will retake center stage in one of the cities that‘s embraced it the most. 
It will be breathtaking."

Oh Gosh ... YES, YES, YES!!! It will be absolutely breathtaking!!!

The main part of the season I will watch on my notebook as usual, but when I come back to Pittsburgh in April I cannot wait to hug the lovely Knitting Lady and her husband Mike and shake hands again with Cy (I hope I get tickets down there again) and when Jeff Jimerson starts to sing I will most likely cry.



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