Monday, October 22, 2012

The final travel day

Above you see our final breakfast at Espresso A Mano. That is a must do before leaving. Going through that door then is always a hard thing to do, because after that ... it is just driving out of the city, returning the car and then hours and hours in planes and airports. 

The trip was kind of eventless which is a good thing for a trip. The flight from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia was delayed but since we had plenty of time it was nothing that caused us any trouble. 

In the plane I watched "Mr. Poppers's Penguins". Don't judge. I had watched all the more decent movies in the entertainment system already and Jim Carrey is wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey in a scene. 

And that's about it .. back home now doing laundry.

I made a lots of pictures and for now neither my camera nor my computer died on me this time. It also means that I still have a lot of pictures I did not show you yet and I think I will create the one or the other little picture gallery here over the next couple of weeks. 

Back to "normal" life now. I guess. 

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