Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pittsburgh Day 7 - Rounding corners

The last day in town.  Damn ... what a painful feeling, but Gabi and I had a plan for this day: "Not thinking about this day being the last, keep going and enoying as much as possible." And so we did.

The morning was mystic because fog hovered over the city.

We got started with a strong breakfast at Pamela's in the Strip together with the lovely and incredibly supporting ladies from Neighbors in the Strip before we started into the final working round in our favorite part of the city.

We did a couple of more interviews and learned for example from Gus Stamoolis, who's family runs a business in the Strip for over hundered years, a lot about the history of the area and its constant changes. We also walked up and down to make sure that we got all important buildings covered for the project and to take additional pictures of some of our favorite corners.

This one is one of our favorite walls (from the picture taking perspective), but damn ... what a diva. Always is there a fence in the way or a pole or a big shadow is breaking up the picture.

And while Gabi was working out there with her camera I had finally a minute to sneak into St. Stan's:

When we finally went on our good bye round my heart was seriously aching. And then I spotted something really awesome. The night before we had asked the owners of Bar Marco if they could try to make sure that there is no car parking in front of the house. Gabi already had shot the building but only with a big SUV parked in front and since the house is small the car kind of killed the picture. It's just that keeping a slot like this unoccupied in the Strip on a Friday morning is not easy, but when we arrived I saw this and had to snap it with my little camera. Ladies & Gentlemen - Our officially first Pittsburgh Parking Chair powered by Bar Marco!
By the way ... the house stays straight up and is not as warped as it looks here. This visual effect my normal little camera (and any other normal lens) produces is why it needs Gabi's fancy architecture lens to make propper pictures of buildings. This is already corrected in Photoshop as much as possible. 

We also quickly went over to Smallman Street to give the beautiful Regina Koetters of Marty's Market a final good bye hug.  The market is a fabulous place to explore and shop for local groceries and the bar offers tasty lunch, good WiFi connection and great coffee a little bit (2 min walk) away from the biggest Strip crazyness. I can't wait to come back to Pittsburgh to see how Marty's Market grows and flourishes.

After saying good bye to the Strip we quickly crossed a river. And yes, dear Pittsburghers, crossing rivers is pretty easy and there is great stuff to explore on all waterfronts!  Just do it ;)

Sadly time was already short and I could not really show Gabi the Southside Flats (next time). We just stopped quickly at Southside Works to hand over some Croatian goodies imported directly from Korčula to photographer Matte Braidić.  Soon his project Faceburgh will reach the magic number of 20,000 candid shots of normal Pittsburghers doing normal things and catching the soul of the city.

And now comes a pro tip:

If you are on vacation at a place you really, really love and you are scared of the heartbreak the last evening will be, schedule there a final dinner with super awesome friends in a really great restaurant - and instead of crying you just can't do anything else than looking forward to it.

We went to Pusadee's Garden, a really good thai restaurant in Lawrenceville, with some fantastic people. We enjoyed the great food, talked, planned a trip to the London adventure of the Steelers in September 2013 and - most importantly - laughed until our faces and tummies hurt.

Pittsburgh is an exiciting and absolutely beautiful city, but what makes it magic are its people. There are no better. 

We thank everybody who spent time with us, talked to us, ate with us, drank with us, laughed with us and supported our adventures from the bottom of our hearts.

We'll be back soon!

All polaroids by Gabrijela Obert

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