Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pittsburgh Day 2 - Getting started

This lovely Sunday morning in Western Pennsylvania had the feel of summer but the smell of fall. There was some weird vibration in the air that in the end unfolded in a storm over night, but not before we had enjoyed a long sunny day with almost summer like temperatures.

We started the best way you can start into a Sunday:
With a great brunch at Quiet Storm together with friends.  Lovely people, food, talks and lots of laughter. The world would be a better place if every day could start like this. Seriously.

It was also the right thing we needed before we actually launched into our big project. Gabrijela and I will work this week on phase one of our Strip District portrait and Sunday was our first day of real work.
The background for the project is the Allegheny river front development (which is a good idea), that includes plans to tear down big parts of the Pennsylvania Railroad Fruit Auction Building (short: the produce terminal) and other cuts into the Strip District (which is a very, very bad idea). Some of the plans for this area are highly controversial and ... frankly spoken ... SCARY in many aspects.
And that is why Gabi and I decided after our last trip to create a portrait of the Strip District - in pictures and stories - like it is now. Like we love it. 
The end result would be in a perfect world a book and an exhibition here in Pittsburgh. We'll see if we can make it happen, but I really hope so. 

The light was tough on Sunday - blazing and shimmering and hazy, but Gabi got some really nice shots before we called it quits for the day around 3 pm in the afternoon. It was a good day of work although it wasn't an easy one with the weather conditions, but it helped a lot to develop an even clearer idea of the pictures we would need and lots of the Sunday ones are great already.

Since the project will keep us busy the time for activities like shopping is short and Sunday afternoon was our choice for killing it in the Mall at Robinson. Good thing is that Gabi and I are very similar shoppers. We are both not the girlie type of person who needs to think an hour about if a certain t-shirt would do it. Actually we are the opposite. Example?  We went straight into Dick's Sporting Goods and it took us about 10 minutes to spend together about 380$ and carry out arms full of clothes for our families and us. FUN!!!
Same thing at the Baby Gap (for my niece and Gabi's nephew) and Macy's home department - in about an hour we were done with our shopping list. Talking about efficience here. 

Happy with the result of our highspeed shopping tour we strolled out of the mall, threw all the stuff into the back of Andrew (our car), programmed Karla (our so much smarter than Suzry GPS) and went out to Mount Lebanon to spend the evening with friends having a great dinner out on the terrace enjoying the extraordinarily warm October night. GOOD TIMES!

All polaroids by Gabrijela Obert

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