Monday, October 1, 2012

My book in August

Simon Beckett - The Calling Of The Grave


I am really late with the August review and I am afraid that there will be none for September. I'm reading a 600 plus pages historic novel at the moment if I would really read.... In reality instead of of keeping my usual reading pace I am often too tired in the mornings and just put in the earbuds of my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones (thumbs up - I love  them) to listen to some tunes on my way to work. But I have some transatlantic flights coming up soon and I am positive I will make myself through a couple of additional chapters while air traveling and get ready to tell you here more about that book. 

But back to August. When I was thinking about what book to pack for my vacation on the island of Korcula I realized that I still did not read Simon Beckett's latest David Hunter novel although it was released already quite a while ago. I had enjoyed the David Hunter series before and it seemed to be the right choice for the easy going book you like to read at the beach. 

First of all ... this is exactly the  type of book a Kindle is made for. I do not need it to take space on my shelf and it is not the type of book I will revisit later again. Once you know who the murder is, there is not much point in reading it one more time. This is why I went for the Kindle edition and because I knew from previous vacations that the screen of the Kindle is really so free of reflections that it is even comfortable to read in the bright mediterranean sunshine. I really like my eBook reader although I am still a passionated book collector.

The first couple of books from the David Hunter series I had read in German, but this time I went for the English original and I have to say that it was a  good choice. Although the German ones are well translated I preferred the English one as more accentuated and to the point.
What I also appreciate is that you can see a clear development in Simon Beckett's writing. Especially compared with his early pre Dr. Hunter novels - some of them are pretty bad - he is now much better with developing the characters in his books and his language got better, too. He won't win a Nobel price for his work, but it is definitely also not the cheap paperback literature that makes you cringe because the writing is just terrible.

This time phorensic anthropologist David Hunter has to face the ghosts of his past since his most recent case makes him reconnect with an old friend he knew when his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident - a story line that was always present in the series, but brought up by Beckett now more in detail filling some gaps in his hero's biography.

A convicted serial killer from a past case escaped from prison and seems now to revisit everybody who was involved in catching him in the first place. David Hunter's help is also needed when it comes to the point to finally find the bodies of the serial killer's victims in a mystic moor landscape and chasing him down one more time. 

So far so good with the story line. Of course things are not how they look like  and slowly Simon Beckett - with lots of action and quite some horror elements - leads the storyline closer to the resolution. He does it with style and some really nice and suspensful twists.

But I have to admit, I am in general bad with reading books like that. I just can't let it go and enjoy. My brain starts working and usually I am pretty fast figuring it out. That's also what happened here. Although I did not foresee all the twists and turns, my first bet placed when the character in question was introduced first was right.
To be fair I think it can be seen as positive for the book that it was good and entertaining enough to keep me reading although it developed pretty much how I had guessed.

So if you are looking for a nice thriller with some action, spiced up with a bit of horror and usually enjoy TV shows like CSI then this book could be yours for your next vacation. And if you decide to read it, let me know at which point you figured it out, too ;). 

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