Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Interlude - Seriously, Pittsburgh?

When we were walking over the giant parking lot behind the produce terminal today carrying the photo equipment from one shooting location to another we came to a point where you can perfectly see the old - no longer used - St. Nicholas Church. Although the identical name and background (both used to be / are Croatian roman-catholic churches) are confusing ... this is not the one in Millvale I already wrote about in spring.  This is a different one with a different - sad - story:

St. Nick's will be gone soon, because there are couple of decision making people who think (I am cutting the story short) widening a freeway is more important than preserving a church with a profound historic background and architecture.
And with this church another not so small piece of the history of Croatian immigration to Pittsburgh will be gone for good soon, too. 

Pittsburgh, I really love you, but sometimes I just don't get you. 

Please read here more about the topic and check out my more detailed comment below the article in the comment section:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - October 14 2012:
Will Pittsburghers stand by while more of our heritage is leveled?

More information about the Preserve Croatian Heritage Foundation, their efforts to safe the church and the plans to reuse it as a museum you can get here

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