Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Fairy House Project

It all goes back to a day in early March, when I read a post of my fabulous friend and superb blogger Michelle and shared it with my sister. In that particular posting she told how the (substitute) bus driver of her daughter Alexis told her that the fairies would go away when she would grow up. For Alexis it was a horrible idea to lose her sense for magic and it really scared her. Michelle was extremely angry. How could a person dare to ruin this for her daughter?
But thank god Alexis' belief in magic is too strong for one stupid bus driver and a tiny little snow man that the fairy had built just that day in front of the super beautiful fairy house proved her right pratically the same minute.

My sister and I LOVED that blog post, because there is nothing better than seeing a world of magic with the eyes of a child. Nobody ever should rob that from a kid and we adults should for our own soul's sake save as much magic as we can, because  ... it is real. It changes its form and appearance when you grow up, but if you allow it to stay it does.

Michelle knew how much we liked the post and also all the other ones about her absolutely amazing fairy houses and when I spent the last night of my Pittsburgh trip earlier this year at her place she gave me a very special gift:  A little wodden "soon to be" fairy house!!!  

I carried it from Pittsburgh to New York to London to Munich and finally to Münster to my sister's place, because a fairy house belongs to a place where a kid lives.
When my sister heard about the house she was super excited and we started to prepare our fairy house project with ordering tiny, tiny things for the garden, the house and the fairy. There is so much cool stuff out there. Next we need to order Halloween and Christmas decoration!

In Münster my sister and I sat down with Emina, my 2 years and 11 months old niece, and told her that if we would paint the house and make it really beautiful and set it in a little garden in a pot maybe a fairy would pick the house as her home and move in. Emina's eyes grew bigger and bigger and bigger and then she grabbed the bag with the house to take it with her to the DIY market to buy everything we would need to create a perfect house for a beautiful fairy

The painting process with acrylic paint was pretty difficult - especially with a 2-year-old sitting in my lap who wanted to paint as well. I managed with the help of lots of tape, two aprons (a big one for me and a small one for Emina) and lots of patience to paint the house. Emina was SO proud that she managed to paint parts of the roof and the bottom. 

Then the house was ready and with the next step we built the garden and set it up. We even have a bridge and a well!

The next morning we put it out into the backyard of the house together with Emina and told her to wait if maybe the next night a fairy would find the house and make it her home.
That evening when she went to bed Emina told my sister half asleep that right now the fairy was busy moving in and she gave a detailed description of the magical creature:
Long dark hair, big fairy ears, a straight nose, big green eyes, a brown apron and shoes and also a brown dress but with applications and glittery fairy wings.

We have absolutely no clue where this description comes from. No fairy from any of her children books looks similar to that. There is only one explanation and yes ... it is MAGIC!

The next morning Emina checked on the fairy house and look - the fairy moved in:

There were tiny, tiny little rubber boots in front of the door the fairy put there after she finished her work in the garden. She had added more little stones to the garden path out of the basket and spread them out with a tiny rake.

And see ... the fairy even added a house number to the front stone. Now Emina lives in housenumber 33 and the fairy lives in 33a. 

We had only one question: Where is the fairy now? Is she in the house sleeping or is she flying around in the treetops enjoying the summer sun? We don't know. 

The following days - usually over night - several things changed around the house. Tiny little garden gnomes appeared and some flowers are now decorating the space below the front window.
Several kids in the neighborhood spotted the house and started to check on it daily. They try to figure out if the fairy is at home or not, too.

And then came the first Kindergarten day for Emina. Before her new adventure started she as usual checked on the house in the morning and indeed something had happened:

The fairy had placed three of Emina's favorite treats - Kiki bonbons from Croatia - in her tiny basket along with a message "Have fun in the Kindergarten, Emina!"

Of course she loved it and was so excited about the fairy gift. She even left one of the precious and rare Croatian bonbons in the basket for the fairy to eat.
When she checked the next morning and the Kiki was still there, she was for a moment almost disapointed but after thinking it through Emina came to the conclusion that that the Kiki was obviously too big for the fairy. I mean look at it .... how big it is in relation to the house or the flowers. For a fairy that was not a bonbon, but a rock. 

And there is one more thing Emina told us:
Her fairy is THE BEST because she not only brought her bonbons, but KIKIS.  And Kikis are not available in Münster, but only in Croatia, where the sea is. And that means that the fairy over night flew with her tiny fairy wings to far away Croatia only to bring her Kikis. Amazing!

And you know what:  She is right!  The most beautiful and nicest fairy ever just moved into our house and we are so so so happy to have her. 

Magic rules the world and let never ever somebody tell you differently!


  1. Many, many thanks to Michelle for the inspiration and the house. I'm sure the fairies love you, because you started the "domino" and I'm pretty sure more fairies will find homes in kids gardens soon. Isn't that magic, too?


  2. When you wish upon a star....