Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bavarian mini vacation

I usually start telling you that I'm somewhere really nice only after several hours of travel mostly by airplane. That is not really fair because I live in a great city with stunningly beautiful surroundings. One of my favorites places only a little less than an hour by train from Munich is the Tegernsee and last weekend I grabbed my mountain bike for a little trip around the lake ...

As you can see I was not exactly the only one with that idea. In fact the BOB train was packed with cyclists.

When I arrived at Tegernsee and hit the road down to the shore the weather was perfect - sunny but not too hot.

After a relatively intensive workout ride in the city on Saturday I had planned for Sunday the lazy tour on the flat trail around the lake, but when I got there, I realized that this would not work out. It was only allowed to cycle with walking speed and recommended at get off the bike if the trail was too busy with pedestrians - and it was very busy. So I turned around, got back to the road and took the upper tour with 850 feet in altitude (I know that is for kids, but I'm still on beginner level). I mean ... I go cycling almost every day so that was the much better training for me anyway. After climbing the first hill and enjoying the little downhill to Rottach-Egern I could not resist to stop for a short break at the beach and hang out in the sun.

The east shore of the lake is very flat and easy to cycle including some really nice trails where I stopped again for taking a couple of more pictures. 

After this very relaxing part of the trip the route went uphill again but only midly and it's fun to cycle. Next stop was Bad Wiessee for lunch.

The weather forecast for the evening included some storm warnings and looking at these clouds I knew it was time to get back to my bike for the last few miles to Gmund and finally Tegernsee

On the way from Bad Wiessee to Gmund are a couple of uphill sections. They would be nice to cycle if the cycling path would go along the road constantly, but it goes up and down changing the side of the road with a couple of steep ramps. Intervall training somebody? But the sights are nice.

At Gmund the Mangfall is one of the bigger tributaries of the lake. It was incredibly busy down there with tourists but really beautiful. 

The last part from Gmund to Tegernsee was realy nice to cycle and rolling out. I think next time I will get off the train already in Gmund and start from there. Then the route is more balanced and I think a bit more fun. Additionally I can avoid to go back to the train station in Tegernsee, because that - at the very end - was actually the worst uphill ramp of the whole tour - UFF!

The storm that was brewing on the hilltops when I was at lunch finally hit hard in the late afternoon when I was back in the train. The amount of rain, wind, thunder and lightning was impressing and I am grateful that I was off the road already when it started. 

Hopefully September has a few nice and sunny weekends - I would love to do the  tour one more time before the winter starts. 

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