Monday, August 27, 2012

50 shades of blue - A perfect Dalmatian vacation

Why time is always so SLOW when you want something to be over and RUNS when you want to stay exactly where you are? One of the unsolved mysteries of life, I guess.

I'm just back from my vacation in Dalmatia that seemed to be over within the wink of an eye. My friends and I spent a wonderful week with sleeping, eating, drinking, reading, swimming and staring on the at least 50 different shades of blue that the cloudless sky and crystal clear Adriatic sea presented us day by day. Simply ... perfect. 

Being in Zavalatica, a tiny village on the island of Korčula, was super easy, getting there - not so much. My two lovely friends Anita and Jadranka were already in Istra for a week, when I climbed into my "favorite" vehicle of long distance transportation:  The bus from Munich to the Adriatic coast.

I thought I'd never do that again, but the one way flights were simply unaffordable and so I got back to my good old bus travel routine and praticed how to sleep while sitting upright (the buses travel over night). It was not good but not sooo bad either and my friends waited for me in Rovinj / Istra where I changed from bus to car and we rushed down South the amazing new Croatian freeway. 

Home sweet home ... Usually when I see the Krka near Šibenik I'm almost there. From here it is only a short drive to Rogoznica.


But this time we kept driving heading for Korčula, an island in the South of Croatia. When we finally arrived in Orebić waiting for our ferry I had a very emotional moment. I was never before in Orebić, which is a beautiful coastal town on the Pelješac peninsula, but I heard a million stories about it because it is the place where my parents spent their honeymoon vacation. In moments like this I miss them both very much. Death is a cruel thing.

We were seriously exhausted when we arrived at our destination in Zavalatica, but it was worth the effort like we realized the next morning. When I said before the vacation "We booked an apartment where we can almost literally jump from the balcony into the water" I meant it!

The view from our balcony

And the view from our neighbor's balcony ...

... in the same house like our apartment

Little Zavalatica put us in a dreamy state of mind with its 50 shades of blue.

But we did not spend all the time in Zavalatica - sometimes we were in need for a bit more zivilisation since our village had for example no ATM and only one tiny market. One evening we spent in Vela Luka and we made a trip to Korčula City, but not without stopping for the great sights. 

View on Lastovo

is a beautiful and old little town, where so the legend tells Marco Polo was born. And although I love to vacation in quiet places like Zavalatica after a couple of days I really enjoyed the lively atmosphere in Korčula, eating ice cream on the street and do some shopping. 

Korčula is wine country. In Čara they produce the wonderful white wine called Pošip we enjoyed so much.

In the little village Smokvica the Vinarija Toreta offers high quality wines, liquors - and my favorite: white prošek - a rich, sweet dessert wine. 

In my daily life I cannot have pets - my lifestyle does not allow it. I am 14 hours a day out of the house and I travel too much. But when I am in Croatia I love to play with the pets of my landlords and neighbors. I am still missing "my" cat from Rogoznica. He used to sleep on my balcolny and rest in my lap. He died a while ago because somebody put out poison.
In Zavalatica we had another cat we for fun called Hase (bunny) and we loved our neighbor's dog Archie - a fantastic swimmer. 

When we had to say good bye OF COURSE Dalmatia made it extra sad and difficult with a dramatically beautiful sunrise we watched from the deck of the ferry.

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The full set of pictures (154 photos complete) can be seen here

PS: Just in case you were wondering when reading the headline: Yes, I read the famous "50 Shades of Grey" - the complete triology (did not take long anyway), but there will be no review on the blog. Although the story was not too bad and the sex stuff kind of entertaining, the writing was so incredibly BAD that I cannot seriously review it. I so so so wished I could just pack a bag of words and send it to E.L. James. She obviously has not enough of them. Very obviously. 

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