Sunday, July 8, 2012

When things just go together

One of the things I really like is when people, places, stuff ... whatever ... I love come together in an unexpected, unorthodox way - and this is a perfect example:

A few days ago - on July 3rd - my favorite playwright, Tom Stoppard, celebrated his 75th birthday and my friend sent me over Facebook a fantastic list of 15 Stoppard quotes that Flavorwire put together in his honor.
Although I loved the list I consider it as significantly incomplete since lots of my favorite quotes especially from the wonderful "Arcadia" and "Indian Ink" are missing, but 15 quotes are not enough for such a great writer anyway. 

One of the quotes on the list put a big smile on my face. It is there taken out of context and I could not stop myself to just put it into a new one. It was too obvious to resist ;)

“Pirates could happen to anyone.” — Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

True story, folks, true story. Today they happened to the San Francisco Giants!

© Pittsburgh Pirates

PS: I still like the San Francisco Giants. I hope they start winning again when they are back on their side of the country. 

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