Monday, June 11, 2012

Cherish the moment

Screenshot by Patrick Muldowney, because it had the Bucs before the Reds

Sorry - a little - to everybody who expected a philosophical essay and is now starring puzzled at baseball stats. I will get to your point but you have to deal with the ballgame, too, I am afraid.

I have to admitt, when AJ Burnett put on his Pirates uniform and first thing what happened to him was getting his face smashed so badly that he needed surgery, I took a deep breath and started looking for cookie recipes. I had planned on baking "20 years of losing 1992-2012" anniversary cookies. I am not kidding. And maybe I will have to bake them anyway when the summer is over, but maybe .. maybe NOT!
I might not need to do it because lead by even this AJ Burnett the Pirates just stopped to suck. They do even more than that .. they win! The Pittsburgh Pirates (0.542) are in the 1st place of their division. They really are:

Source unknown, but whoever created this - thank you!

And now we come back to the headline of this post "cherish the moment", because in all the playoff style excitement I hear lots of comments like: 
  • "It's only June. There's still enough time to start sucking again."  
  • "I do not care where we are now. All what counts is playing above .500  by the end of the regular season." 
  • "Player XYZ sucks. I do not get all the excitement." 
I mean it is all true ... playing .542 now does not have to mean the Bucs will be above .500 at the end of the season and there is still quite some room for improvement. But seriously ... why not just enjoy the moment - NOW? Why not screenshot the MLB standings of National League Central - NOW? Why not beaming at the fireworks - NOW? 

Let's worry, when it's time to worry. Do not ruin the moment, but embrace the joy, cherish the moment, celebrate life (and not just baseball - of course).  That does not mean to switch your brain off and play stupid. We all know how fast things can fall apart and that we have to plan and prepare to make things work and figure out how to make decisions that go much further than just today. But we also need to make sure that all this is not ruining our NOW not ALTHOUGH tomorrow all could be over already but BECAUSE!

So let's laugh, let's be silly, let's have fun and raise the Jolly Roger. 

Let's go Bucs! 

Video credits go to the wonderful
Ginny Montanez - as so often. It's a bit of a Pittsburgh insider (sorry everybody else ... again), but I guess you get the message ;) 

Adding in the new Benstonium video. Makes so much sense!  I watched "Moneyball" on my way back from Pittsburgh in April ;)

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