Monday, June 25, 2012

Black & Gold around my corner

I recently started an at least half organized workout program that includes daily 45-60 minutes bike sprints. Besides that fact that my body sends me extatic thank you cards for the fresh air and the training units one positive side effect is that I learn a lot of new things about my neighborhood since the best bikes routes are not the ones I usually use walking or with the bus / train.

This weekend I cycled along my regular route and was just picking up pace, when I came to a full stop because I saw this:

Wait? What? Football in June? 5 min from my apartment? And the team colors are ... black & gold? I checked out what was going on ... and indeed ... the Munich Cowboys would have a homegame not much later.

Let's take a break to find out how it could be that I had no idea:
Well ... American Football is not popular in Germany and although I knew that there is a German Football League I never really heard something about it. Football is not making the news here - except the Super Bowl. Additionally I am a spoiled brat when it comes to (American) sports. I mean ... although the German hockey league has a lot of tradition and some good teams I just don't watch it - the hockey played here appears to be boring and slow to me. So why then check on American Football in Germany where even less is to expect?

But then I got it served on a silver tray ... right in front of my door, on a sunny summer day (The season in Germany starts in May!), the tickets super cheap ... and a Munich team sporting my favorite and oh so familiar black and gold. I decided spontaneously to go back in the afternoon and watch the game. 

And then for real ... football was played ...

Schwäbisch-Hall Unicorns vs Munich Cowboys in black & gold

The Munich Cowboys were facing the Schwäbisch-Hall Unicorns. Yeah ... really .... Unicorns. Despite the (for a football team) weird name the Unicorns are last year's champions and in the 2nd place of the German Football League South at the moment while the Cowboys struggle badly and are last in their division (see ... how fast I learn .... a few days ago I did not even know that all this exists). 

This means that a really good team was in town for a game in the highest national league. Also it was Saturday afternoon and the weather was absolutely perfect for watching a game, but the stadium still looked like that: 

Gameday at Dante Stadion

Only a little more than 1.000 visitors were attending and I could easily track lots of them down as family and friends of the players. I think that tells all about the relevance this sport has here in Germany - sad enough. Would be fun if that would change one day. 

The Game:
I overheard some talks and found out that nobody had really high expectations. The theme of the day was more "Let's not emberrass ourselves"  and most visitors seemed to be okay with the in my newbie eyes quite devasting result of 21:59 for the Unicorns

I am by far not a football expert but the problems of the Cowboys are pretty obvious.
They have with Patrick Carey (He's a Williamsport, PA nativ. That's not too far from Wilkes-Barre and if that kid is not a Steelers fan I need to have a serious talk with his parents.) a young QB that plays his first season in Munich and you can see that the team yet lacks coordination.
The defense of the Unicorns on the other hand was playing very effectively and the short pass play of the Cowboys was leading nowhere. Only when Carey felt confident enough to throw some long passes AND somebody like the really good RB Nikolai Altar had found some room to move forward the Cowboys could make a stand against the Unicorns.

Munich Cowboys 

But the way bigger problem than the not so effective offensive play was the defense. These guys were totally clueless how to stop the Unicorns who could went through their lines like a knife through butter on room temperature. The Unicorns were pretty to watch scoring touchdown after touchdown .... as long as you were not rooting for black and gold - then it was quite painful.

The offense watching the defense failing to stop the Unicorns. 

And finally the stupid penalties need to stop. FOCUS boys ... it can't be that you lose yard after yard due to plain stupidity or a lack of concentration - you really cannot afford it. 

But although all this might not sound like I had a good day I really enjoyed it. It was fun to watch a football game live so effortless around the corner from my home and it was a great way to spend a very nice summer afternoon outside. I'll definitely go again - next homegame is July 21st. If you are in Munich and like to join - let me know. 

And good or not ... did we black & gold fans EVER abondon a team just because it was losing? I'd say ... no.  Instead we wait for better days - even if it takes 19 years ;). 


PS: Next posting will be NOT about sports - I promise. 

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  1. Hey Christina!
    Thanks for posting about the team...even though that really wasn't a good game.
    If you are there the next home game just come down to take a picture with the team, if you want :) Watch out for number 88, he the fan picture organizer dude ;)