Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sloping to ... Stockholm - Day 1

As you can see - sloping to Sweden is a sweet thing to do. My very first impression before I even touched ground was: BEAUTIFUL

But .. how I got here? One of my closest friends who has a passionate crush on everything Swedish, is in Stockholm at the moment to take Swedish classes and with the long holiday / bridge weekend another friend and I decided to come over as well to visit one of Europe's most praised cities. 

Really ... everytime I told somebody that I am going to Stockholm the person said either "I was there .. it was fantastic"  or "Ohh ... I so want to go".  You can tell that I got really excited. The fact that we have tickets for the Ice Hockey World Championship quaterfinal makes the whole story even better.  We will go to the evening game which will be Sweden : Czech Republic. No Geno :(, but I'll have lots of fun anyway.

When I got out of my plane I had 2 hours time at the aiport before my friend arrived and had some quick lunch at McDonald's. The guy there was super nice and even spent some time explaining me the funny Swedish coins in my hand. I would say ... a country that has such nice people working at an aiport McD managed already to impress me in the first hour.

The girls (my friend Anita and her friend Stefanie, who is also here to improve her Swedish) picked us up at the main station and took us to our hotel Hellsten Malmgard, where Jadranka and I moved into our princess room. My niece would LOVE that bed.

It was already evening and the four of us went for a walk in our neighborhood Södermalm and finally we ended up in a nice restaurant for dinner.

Swedish is for me, who is not yet used to it, a very funny language. It is possible to understand a bit because some words are related to German and English, but then again ... that does not work in general. Take this example:

For a German reader the last item on the board is definitely "Rhabarber Kacke im Glas"  - doesn't it?  The English translation btw would be "rhubarb shit in a glass".

In fact it was this:

Rhubarb cake with vanilla ice and whipped cream. 

I think this whole "kaka means cake" thing has serious running gag potential. Stay tuned ... 

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