Friday, May 18, 2012

It's hockey o'clock - Stockholm - Day 2

It is very safe to say that I HATE hockey offseason and I even more hate it when the offseason is so so so long because the Pens dropped out off the playoffs early. I miss my team, I miss watching my boys play and chat along with my hockey tweeps. But I also miss the sport in general - the atmosphere, the noise a hockey game makes, the action. So when we organized our trip to Stockholm right when the World Championships were happening in town it was clear ... we had to go. Well, I had to go and the girls had to come with me (but they loved it). We bought quarterfinal evening game tickets and it turned out that this was the match Sweden : Czech Republic. Homeice for the Swedish guys and I guess audience wise the best game. I of course would have loved to see Geno play. He rocks here like hell (no surprise) and dominates the whole thing. GO GENO!

When we arrived at our seats in the Stockholm Globen I almost had a heart attack. It was obviously hockey o'clock. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

I have to say that the first two periods were a bit lame. I was surprised how slow the game was in comparison to a Pens game (you can tell, I am spoiled) and the Czech Republic dominated it quite impressingly although Sweden scored first but then struggled significantly on the blue line. The third period was great after Sweden could tie the game with two goals late in the 2nd and very early in the 3rd.

Finally ... a real hockey game broke out :)
Sadly for my host country Sweden it was the Czech Republic that scored the winning goal (4:3) with only 29 seconds left in regulation.

I also once again was blown away what the super zoom of my camera can do. Because this is the view from our seats (Sweden just scored):

And these are some sweet actions shots I made from my seat. Click on the images to enlarge to see how great they really are.

And that is the best player of the game - Z's brother Milan Michalek

It was big fun and now I am again on cold hockey turkey. No idea how to survive this until October. Maybe by staying focused, saving money and then really trying hard to make it to Pittsburgh around the homeopener. I think, I really need to do this. What do you think?

PS: Remember when Pittsburgh had an arena like that? Yeah, me too!  But I have to admit when we were climbing one million stairs up to our seats I was missing the luxury inside of the CEC

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