Friday, May 18, 2012

Gamla Stan - Stockholm - Day 2

It's late at night and it's been a long, long day of sightseeing and hockey (seperate posting) and I won't write too much, but upload a couple of pictures for you. 

After a great breakfast at our hotel we started the day with exploring Gamla Stan - the old town of Stockholm. The Pittsburgh people should have a close look at the entrance of the underground train station, because the subway it is called T (for tunnelbana) here too!

Gamla Stan is very pretty and has beautiful narrow streets with lovely old houses. Also part of the area is the Royal Palace which did not impress me too much - neither from the out- nor from the inside (no pictures allowed). The most impressing part is the "old castle" in the catacombes below the actual building. I am not surprised that the royal family decided to move to some nicer and cosier place - Drottningholm Palace outside the city center.

Next to the castle you find my favorite place at
Gamla Stan the beautiful cathedral Storkyrkan

I love Nordic churches. They are very often warm and full of light and especially when they are as old as Storkyrkan (first mentioned in 1279) very mystic. 

The church is beautiful from the inside and a concert with music from mediaveal times
 (especially for children) that was performed when we were there made it even more special. 

Of course even the most interested city tourists needs a break and what a pleasure it is in the homecountry of the cinnamon roll - SO GOOD!

And more sightseeing ....



And more to come ... tomorrow ...

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