Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fire & Ice - The end of the hockey season 2011/2012

It took a while. It took a while to understand what just happened. It took a while to get the horrible empty feeling in my solar plexus under control. It took a while to figure out that this is now the offseason. It took a while until I was ready to write some lines about the end of this hockey season.

It's been a tough week. 

As usual there was a lot of discussion about everybody's favorite moments of  this season and when I think of it, it really looks like heaven and hell,
fire and ice. Some examples:

Sid scoring his first goal in his first game of his first comeback. I was a screaming, crying, happy mess - just like everybody
Worst: Sid being out again with an undefinied injury

Long, long winning streak
Worst: The horrible losing streak 

 The C 
Worst: The bad situation that made the C necessary

The HORRIBLE scene when Max Pacioretty broke Kris Letang's nose
Best: Kris coming back only minutes later winning the game with his OT goal
Worst: Kris's concussion resulting out of the hit to the head

Winning 10:3 against the Flyers
Worst: Getting kicked out by the Flyers

Up and down, up and down ... it's been a rough season, but over the summer I will happily remember the good times because I strongly believe that this is what we will be able to enjoy next season. This team has talent and character and my boys will succeed

If you love to shed a tear with me, just watch one more time the great season end video by 
Benstonium - one of their best ever:

Yes, of course. We see each other next season

But if you think now "That was it with
hockey until fall" here at "Sloping ..." then you should look closely at the picture above that I shot from my phenomenal seat at the Rangers game in April. What do you see? Number 71. Geno. The MVP. And with a bit of good luck I will see him play one more time before the summer.
I will be in Stockholm for the World Championships quarter finals and if Russia does well, I'll have a good reason to run around in my Geno jersey in about 2 weeks from now - YAY!  Stay tuned - pictures & stories to come! 

Many thanks to the
Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans - my friends - for a great season full of strong emotions, full of  ... fire & ice

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