Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guest blogging for Pop City Pittsburgh

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Before you ask:  Yes, I am writing my blog during the Pens game. I'm listening all the time and watch parts of it. This is all I can do without collapsing. My dear friend Michelle aka the gorgeous PensKnittingLady is knitting like hell at the moment and I'm writing.

I am back from
Pittsburgh for about a week now and it feels like being back for a minute and forever at the same time. When I arrived at home I felt really shitty, because I HATED leaving Pittsburgh, the traveling was exhausting and all kind of things went wrong while being on the road. The worst problem was a hard drive crash that made my notebook unusable and cost me a big part of my pictures, because the notebook died when I was supposed to backup them. 

But I had not much time to deal with my troubles because I had some writing to do on my 2nd notebook - my baby computer (netbook) - since I had a new adventure ahead and a deadline on Monday:  
Guest blogging for Pop City Pittsburgh!

This great and popular website about
Pittsburgh featured my blog already twice in their Buzz section (with magnificent impact on the traffic for Sloping ...)  and we had agreed that I would write a summary of Gabi's and mine trip for them.
It was so hard to decide what would be the best and most important part of our trip and to choose the pictures because every day on it's own was amazing and so different from all the others,  but I made it and here it is:

"A European perspective of Pittsbugh" at Pop City Pittsburgh

It was a pretty cool feeling to see it go live ... and then I watched
the internet doing its magic. The article went viral on Facebook and Twitter LIKE HELL. I rubbed my eyes, I reloaded the page to see the new number of likes, I tried to keep track on social media, I checked the smashing traffic stats on my blog. I watched people sharing the link ... friends of mine in Pittsburgh and total strangers, private people and local businesses and institutions. And I saw lots of comments ... all positive. We got hundreds of Facebook "I like" on Pop City and on Keystoneedge, where it was also picked up. Yesterday I finally heard from Tracy Certo of Pop City that the article set a one-day-traffic record.

WOW ... We are stunned.
Gabi and I are more than happy that so many of you out there liked our work. We thank you so much for reading along, enjoying Gabi's great pictures, giving us such great feedback and spreading the word / link.

Like I wrote to Tracy: 
"Pittsburgh gave us a lot and if this is a way to give back, I am very happy about it."

And there is so much left what we did not manage to do. A week is by far not enough time to cover all what Pittsburgh has to offer. 

We will be back and this story will be continued ...

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