Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 9: Pittsburgh - LET'S GO PENS!

This is the story in a few very short sentences:

I went to the Pens : Rangers game. 

Pens won 5:2.

I sat right behind the glass. Like one arm length away from the ice. 

It was amazing.

Pens won! (Oh - I sat that already)

I have no idea how I am supposed to live without that feeling for year now. No idea. 

Kris Letang plays beautiful hockey. Even more beautiful than on TV. And he looks better. Yes, that is possible. 

Joe Vitale is hot and he plays some pretty good hockey, too.

GENO! SID! GENO! SID! GENO! SID! GENO! SID! (Multiply with one bazillion) 

FLOWER! FLOWER! FLOWER! FLOWER! FLOWER! (Multiply with one bazillion) 

Pens won! (Yes, I know that you know already, but it cannot be said often enough)


I sat right behind the glass and they were all sooooo close. 

It was amazing. 

Yes, I know this posting is all bold. Be happy that it is not all in capitals. Seriously.

I repeat myself and that is why I stop now.


Igloo leftovers :(

Le Magnifique

Kris Letang - so so so close



The Great Joe Vitale

My boys in action


And one more time - Tanger.
I am such a puckbunny sometimes ;)

And the BEST for last. I think I shot me my own playoff wallpaper picture: SID


  1. There was great debate here in the burg in regards to the demolition of the Civic Arena. Myself, and most of the people I know wanted to see it go. It was beautiful but, it was never intended to be a hockey arena and was really showing it's age. I had to buy a poncho during one game, since the roof was leaking above me. It was also almost never opened and by the end of it's life, it was no longer capable of opening. As a kid, I remember being dawn tahn ( ) when it was being opened and the entire city's lights dimmed during the process. --pghpete

    1. I just hope they use the space for something really good and not just as a parking lot and a shopping mall.
      When the Igloo(as cool as it was) was built it did some serious damage to the city structure - especially for The Hill District. This would be a great chance to do something positive and reconnect the parts of the city again.

    2. I agree. The Teenie Haris exhibit I went to recently, has some great information and photography about the construction of the arena and the great places that were torn down for it to be built. <--awesome photos and resources about Teenie here! I hope it's done right this time. --pghpete

    3. I'm so bumped we did not make it to the Teenie Harris exhibit anymore, but after my hard drive crash on Friday I was too down to do anything than just hanging out at the Strip and pack my suitcase. Thank god there is lots of the stuff online.

    4. Tons really. And even ones that were not in the exhibit that they are asking for help identifying people and places. There is even one with what looks like a submarine in the river from the early 30's I believe. Hope your computer troubles are resolved! --pghpete

    5. Hard drive is replaced, system running, data retrieve tomorrow. Sadly lots of vacation pics were not fully back uped since the incident happened when I was supposed to run the back up. Thank god my friend Gabrijela made tons of pics (a lot more than just the Polaroids on the site).