Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 6: Pittsburgh - Make it real

I never post pictures of me on this blog and especially NOT when I'm looking totally stupid in the particular shot, but I so need to make this exception because this is the most epic picture taken of me in a long, long time. Our facial expressions are totally off, because we could not stop laughing but ... here you go with Gabi & me in the seats of the KDKA Pittsburgh news anchors. Yes ... you read that right:

But let's tell the full story how we got there.
We tried to get started pretty early this morning but it did not really work out, because we were kind of exhausted and went to Espresso A Mano for breakfast. And seriously ... not only the coffee is very good, the whole atmosphere is so amazing that you could just sit there, read, write and let the day pass by. We need to go back to visit Matt (the owner and barista) again before we leave. We definitely fell in love with this place.

But vacation time is too precious to sit in a café the whole day and so we got up to cross the Mon River. The sun was shining brightly (I burned my face! In April! In
Pittsburgh!) and the air was crisp and clear .. just perfect for an incline ride. We tried to go to the Dusquene Incline but the place is a mess at the moment and there is no way to park at the bottom and no sidewalk to go there. So I gave up and just drove over to Station Square and we took the Monongahela Incline. Honestly ... I have never seen Pittsburgh more pretty like that ... in the sun with some cute white clouds as decoration. Just awesome! We obviously made lots and lots of pictures. Any time now when somebody will ask me what the hell I have going on with Pittsburgh I will just show off those pics and say LOOK!

Getting off the incline we just left the car in the lot (we had paid for it anyway) and walked over
Smithfield Street Bridge - one of the most beautiful bridges in Pittsburgh - over to downtown. There we met with my friend Marie who works at KDKA and allowed us to see the studio. It was such an amazing experience to actually see it in person after watching a lot of the KDKA stuff at home on my computer when I am far away and missing Pittsburgh. And that is where we made the epic picture at the top of this posting. After cracking up laughing about us looking hilarious in the anchor seats we went together with Marie over to Market Square for lunch at Wingharts / Market Square  and some great burgers - yum!

It is pretty amazing ... most of the
people I meet here for the first time in person and all of them are so sweet and take the time to meet and show us around and we both - Gabi and I - fell truely blessed. With Marie we sat in the sun talking for hours and hours. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to come back and meet again. THANK GOD there is Twitter and Facebook to stay in contact over long distance. Who ever says that social media and internet makes people lonely and sticking to imaginary relationships instead of real ones has no idea. Actually the internet helps to shrink the world and built friendships. It's a fantastic thing ... if you take the effort to make it real!

Last stop for the day was my "ol' hood" -
The Northside. We were cruising around a bit with a short stop at PNC Park before we drove up to Max Allegheny Tavern to meet with Sharon Massey from Jagoff Jewelry. I'm proud to own several of her pieces including my especially for me designed Pittsburgh skyline pendant, which btw. shows Pittsburgh from Northside point of view, and it was absolutely awesome to put again a face to a name - a real person to a Twitter alias and to meet another super nice, creative and inspiring citizen of this great town. 

Breaktfast at Espresso A Mano

Hello Beautiful (South)

Hello Beautiful (North)

Polaroids by Gabrijela Obert

You can tell that somebody here is missing her dog:


  1. i absolutely LOVE that yinz got to sit in the anchor chairs! how wonderful!

    and if gabi is still missing her dog, if facetime isn't enough, she can come play with my ludo...

  2. Cool! It had to be fun to tour the studio. --pghpete