Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 5: Pittsburgh - Beware of falling deer!

You want to learn something for your life? Then listen: If you want the weather to be nice, just leave your jeans jacket at home, take your woolen coat instead and store away the sunglasses. It works, I promise.
After a grey and pretty cold Saturday the new morning looked very much the same and so I ended up totally overdressing coat wise and underdressing glasses wise for the bright, sunny and warm day to come. But who would seriously complain if mother nature gives you a perfect spring day as a gift? See, I won't either.

We kicked the day off with yelling at the GPS. We rent a car at Hertz and the car itself - a brand new Mazda 3 in silver grey - is beautiful and I will cry when I give it back to the rental company, but that navigation crap? ARGH!
We were supposed to be at the Square Café at 10 am and we would have almost made it if the stupid machine would not have proudly announced half a mile before Regent Square that I should turn right  ... away from South Braddock Avenue. I wanted to keep driving down the road anyway, but then I thought the GPS might be smarter than me knowing of some one-way-dead-end-thingy or something. Well ... it did not. After sending me the right turn it yelled "Calculating new route!"  Followed by "Make a legal u-turn"  - Thank you so much, you stupid THING! That is Forbes Avenue and I cannot turn around easily!!! It was not the first time the machine screwed up and I am afraid it won't be the last time. But driving without GPS in Pittsburgh? Uhhh - in 5 years maybe. 

We ended up being about 10 minutes late to meet friends for a great and strong breakfast at the Square Café 
that gave us power for the day, but what was even better than the food was the talk. I was again blown away what a pleasure it is to meet people I met before only through social media now face to face. A big thank you to Cheryl and Steve for the wonderful Sunday morning. 

Next stop was the Pittsburgh Zoo with some of my most favorite ladies here in town. A bright spring day, a couple of bloggers and photographers, lots of wildlife and a great sense of humor is a pretty fantastic mixture for a fun day out although Becky almost successfully tried to kill me on that hanging bridge while jumping and looking for kangaroos at the same time. 

Please check out
the wonderful blogs of my zoo party:


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After the
zoo adventure Gabi and I were quite tired and just went for some food place around the corner ... which was closed and so we ended up having dinner at Kaya in the Strip and had some really nice quesadillas with pulled pork and in my case a fancy cocktail.

I LOVE being on

PS: Somebody who is allowed to open the cage please go and hug the orangutan. The sadness in those eyes KILLED me (check the Polaroid below). 

Where is the cat?

African Beauties

Gorilla Family (enlarge the pics!)

My new wallpaper for the playoffs!

Polaroids by Gabrijela Obert


  1. i most certainly did not attempt to kill you. i was testing your balance. and making burghbaby happy she could photograph laughter. (you were a terrific sport about the whole thing. xoxo)

    thank you for organizing a day at the zoo. it was wonderful and a highlight in my week!

    also, i have to tell you that i love your attitude. too many people would have complained about carrying around extra weight and you were perfectly happy. i really appreciate that about you.

  2. Awesome photos. I love taking spring trips to the pgh zoo, before the vegetation and crowds obscure the best views of the animals. If you are interested, I have some photos in and around the burgh, here.

  3. COOL! Thanks a lot for the link!

  4. oh, and GPS in Pittsburgh is notoriously awful. Weather it's the terrain or the something else, it's always been bad here. One reason, "Pittsburgh Steps". (or stairs) Check Steps_of_Pittsburgh on wikipedia. These steps, most of which are in ruins at this point, were all named after streets they joined or followed along. So there are times where your gps will tell you to take a right on "Street A" only to over lay an old set of stairs that goes up hundreds of feet. Yeah, the funny rumor around here is that is why Google had to have an office here in Pittsburgh. So that it could unmap the stairs from google maps. --pghpete

  5. I heard about those steps and I grateful that Suzy, the dumb GPS, never tried to make us drive one of those. Nevertheless I told her the closer the end of the trip came more and more to just shut up and went my own way. And I was always right ;)