Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy go lucky spring post with a twist

Finally, finally ... winter is officially over.  We just had light saving and last week we celebrated the first official day of spring. And good lord ... what a spring it is! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, light green can bee seen everywhere, flowers are blooming and ice cream starts to taste nice again (thanks to the pharma industry for lactase pills).

It's still a bit early for the big clean up of the porch to bring up the deckchair and the grill, but LOOK what I already released from the snow, salt and dirt save basement:

There is really nothing better than swinging the winter stiff / 14 hours a day in the office beaten body on the bike and pump some oxygen into the organism. The sun and the wind bring back the feeling of being alive and sharpen the senses for the miracle of re-birth that mother nature presents to us spring by spring

When my mom was fighting her cancer she was always very afraid of the winter. For her it was dark and scary. She was a passionate biker lady driving a black Yamaha Dragstar (just like this) and the end of the biking season brought the fear of not seeing the beginning of a new one anymore. Every spring the warmth, the sunshine and the roaring sound of the motorcycles on the street gave her some extra energy to gain enough physical strength to hit the road again. Spring meant life for her in its most essential way. 

That brings me back to my (motor-less) bike and the glorious feeling of criss-crossing the city in these early spring days and gives me the chance to point your attention to some other biking people who take that sport significantly more serious than I do - and that for a good cause:

One of my favorite ambassadors of Pittsburgh awesomeness, actor David Conrad, prepares with his brother Jamie and cousin Lawrence for America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride around Lake Tahoe in early June. That's a century bike ride (means - 100 miles!) they do in honor of David's and Jamie's brother Phil who died last year of a lymphoma. The ride is a Team in Training event that benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The LLS supports patients and their families and invests into finding cure for blood cancers like leukemia or myeloma (the cancer type that finally killed my mom).

Jamie set up a website about  the ride, the cause and the possibility to donate. The donation goal was set to very modest $ 5000 and was reached already a while ago - the actual status is $ 7880. It is just ... if you have ever seen a medication bill of a lymphoma patient (I hope you never have to, but I did) than you would know that $ 5000 is really not more than the proverbial finger in the dike - especially when regular chemo failed and orphan or experimental drugs are the last chance to possibly survive. It's also a very scary sneak peak into how expansive it is to search for cure and develop new and more effective medication. 

This is why I think it would be EXTREMELY nice to send the three backed up with the nice sum of $ 10,000 on the road around Lake Tahoe. Means: If you have a spare buck - that would be a very good way to spend it.
Please donate here

Thank you and enjoy this wonderful spring as much as you can.

UPDATE: I still see lots of people coming to this post via Google search and so I use this chance to give a little update. The bike ride is done and lots of donations came in. In fact it was so much money that Jamie decided to keep on cycling and do another century ride in September which will also benefit the LLS. That also means you can read all about it and keep donating here. 

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