Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 3: New York - Pittsburgh or "Thank you for your patience"

Is this really only day 3? I feel like being on the road for a long time already.

Anyway ... today there is not so much to tell because it was a travel day. We left our really nice hotel (Washington Jefferson) in New York at 9 am to head for the airport. That was early since our flight was only scheduled for 12.10 pm, but with all the bad luck we had already and the Manhattan traffic we would not want to risk anything.

The result was, that we were perfectly on time and even a bit early, but our flight was not. We heard "We need to wait another 10 to 20 min. Thank you for your patience" very, very often. I won't bore you with the full story, but in the end the air craft had a defect and had to be replaced. We were over 3 hours late and GONE was the first afternoon in Pittsburgh.

Never the less .... driving through Fort Pitt Tunnel - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driving down Penn Avenue looking at the Downtown skyline- PRICELESS!!!

Having dinner at Primanti's while watching Pens win - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, I'm happy to be here. 


  1. I am a Pittsburgher. I came across your post about having to leave the burgh and decided to start reading at the beginning of your trip to my city. So glad you had a great time and enjoy the city as much as we do! I live a few minutes north or Pittsburgh, but when I am bringing someone into the city for the first time, I will go out of my way to bring them through the tunnel for their first view of the burgh. --pghpete

  2. Thank you for reading along, Pete! I LOVE the tunnel. When I see the light at the end I start to count backwards until it goes BOOM :)