Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 2: Part 2 - Grand Central Terminal

Like so often the not planned things are THE BEST. When we got up from our rest at Bryant Park I was really not sure what to do next. Should we walk a few blocks to the Empire State Building and a few more for the Flatiron Building? Or should we more head for the Chrysler Building or just take the train to the New Museum that was on your schedule?

In the end Gabi decided that she wanted to get closer to the Chrysler Building and so we just kept walking on 42nd Street and soon passed by the Grand Central Terminal. Funny enough ... this is the third time in New York for me and for some reason I never before walked actually INTO the Grand Central Terminal. Time to change that.

I won't write much here and put the focus on the pictures, because it was just WOW. It is huge and it is absolutely beautiful. The related German Wikipedia article calls it a railroad cathedral and that really describes it well. The way the terminal looks now it was built in the early 20th century by the architects Warren & Wetmore und Reed & Stern in the neoclassical Beaux-Arts style.

It's absolutely stunning and the flood of great details is amazing. You could write a decent book only about the lamps and the lightning or the painted ceiling with the starry sky or the decoration of the ticket sales windows.
But it is not all about architecture alone. The fact that makes it in my eyes really special is that it is alive. It is not like a museum where people mostly just come to look around, but a lively terminal for all kind of local train services where busy people quickly buzz around. It's living New York history and represents the special charm of this city where ultra modern and historical buildings stand side by side.

Just have a look at some of my pictures.
 Polaroids by Gabrijela will be added as soon as the technical problems are solved.

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