Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 2: Part 1 - The heart of Uptown Manhattan

When we were crashing totally exhausted last night we both had made dozens of pictures, walked dozens blocks and suffered from a real impression overkill. It was just too much for us and too much for one blog post.  So we decided to create more than one too make it easier for us and easier for you to follow. I hope you like it that way.

Before we jump in a short news flash:
My suitcase was delivered last night. I finally got my stuff and I am so happy about it. I really needed a fresh pair of socks, another jacket, different shoes - and just the feeling that all my favorite clothes and my Pens jersey are right here with me again.
Additionally I had to solve another problem yesterday. My credit card got blocked and I was standing like an idiot at the Baby GAP with a denied credit card (I had another one, but still ....). Thankfully Gabi had all bank emergency numbers with her and I could get this problem solved. I'm really all for safety but when I call my bank ahead and tell them to make sure that all my cards are unlocked for the US and give them even my travel dates, I do not understand my card gets blocked because I buy a 10$ New York Metro card. That was suspicious sale that blocked it the guy on the phone told me. And I was like "What the heck is suspicious when a frequent traveler like me, buys a Metro Card?"
SIGH ... in the end no big deal - all is working again, but it was very annoying and I need to get back to my bank. They called me a lot lately to check on my bookings like "Rental car with ADAC? Totally suspicious." or "Museum presale tickets in the same city the rental car was booked? Super suspicious because 'Fallingwater' sounds totally like an illegal purchase." Again - safety is good, but please keep it real folks. 

And ... being in New York without your luggage and with a blocked credit card feels REALLY shitty - even if it is a only for half an  hour.

But back to our really beautiful day. When we got out of the hotel at 8 am in the morning the weather was really nice but quite chilly. I had to borrow a long sleeve from Gabi, because my choice of clothes was still down to Steelers hoodie and t-shirt. We had little breakfast and then we were off to explore and I was excited to show Gabi one of my favorite places ever - Bryant Park (6th Avenue 42nd Street). 

First we passed Times Square again and took lots of pictures. It is amazing how crazy it is and how much it is changing its face over the span of the day. In the morning all is crisp and new and lots of people are working on stocking up shops and restaurants or fixing the giant advertising displays. In the middle of the day it is just flooded with tourists looking around and in the night it gets packed like crazy with thousand of people who are like hypnotized by all the flashing lights. I think it is in a very special and artificial way beautiful. Nevertheless especially in the evening I have more than enough after 10 minutes and need to escape and it was the same for Gabi.

We left Times Square and kept walking until - like always - the HBO Store sucked me in. Between the seasons "True Blood" is no big deal there anymore -  now it is all  "Game of Thrones" - especially with the season 2 premiere around the corner. The store was decorated with all the original costumes and other things from the set. Pretty cool. 

And then -just around the corner- we were there: Bryant Park .... in the spring sun, fresh green everywhere, flowers and  - the breathtaking skyline with the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and a lot of other iconic structures around. I think it is very safe to say Gabrijela liked it just like I do. It's simply the best place to let the fact sink in that you are really, really in New York.

We just sat in the sun, took pictures and enjoyed. Vacation at its best.

Due to some technical problems we will add more of the very cool Polaroids later and will go for now with some of my pictures. 

Men at work

Times Square Impressions Morning & Evening

Game of Thrones @ HBO

Bryant Park - The Heart of Uptown Manhattan

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