Wednesday, February 29, 2012

She’s a good girl ... loves Jesus and America, too... Part IV - And she is very concerned

It took me a long time to make the decision to write this post. I have seen many great bloggers struggling with political posts and their effect and I was definitely not sure if I would really want to go down that road.
But this morning (Tuesday) I woke up to German breakfast television - the serious one that contains mostly of real news instead of easy entertainment - telling me that the likelihood of Rick Santorum becoming the presidential candidate of the GOP increased again. At that moment I was all "alea iacta est" (if you do not know what that means you should consider going back to college ... oh wait, college is not good for you, right? *SARCASM*) - it has to be done. I would never forgive myself if I would have not at least raised my voice before Super Tuesday. Also some additional emotional triggers were pulled today to motivate me and I am in the right mood now. 

You could say now: "Wait, you are German! Our politics is non of your business. Clean up your own place. Didn't you just have this "nice" presidential scandal and isn't your European Union in some really bad trouble?"
True and maybe I will write about that one day, too. But this is my blog and I will write this post about US politics, because - picking up the recurring title theme of this post (and Tom Petty quote) I am a good girl which does not equal a silent or "nice" girl and I really love America and poor Jesus has NOTHING to do with what Mr. Santorum says although he keeps claiming the opposite. 

So what is going on here? To say it in lovely Pittsburghese:
"Santorum makes me STABBY!"  
He really makes me watch again and again the video of Brent Johnson breaking Rick di Pietro's jaw with one punch because I have to put my aggression SOMEWHERE and nothing works better than a good hockey fight - GO BEEJ:

And why Mr. Santorum, who embarrassingly enough started his political career in Pennsylvania, does make me stabby?
Because of all the amazingly stupid and insulting (especially for women, black and gay people --- which  means A LOT of people btw), undemocratic, asocial (I'm aware he would take this as a compliment but it was not meant like one) statements that bomb us back to stone age (no offense dear Neanderthals - this is just a proverb and should not degrade the social structures of your communities).

Want some examples?  No problem:

Each of those is worth its own essay but I pick only one for tonight:

Rick Santorum about his daughter Bella who was born with a genetic abnormality and needs special treatment:

“I look at how society with socialized medicine treats children like Bella, and children like Bella don’t survive,” Santorum told The Des Moines Register Monday, the first leg of a three-day swing through Iowa. “Children like Bella are not given the treatment that other children are given.”
Santorum said the new health care law, championed by President Barack Obama, will mean disabled people are denied care more often, and repealing it is the best way to address mounting national debt.
He said that disabled children are denied care today.
“It’s not like this isn’t happening now,” he said. “But it will happen more under a much more budgetarily-driven health care system.”

I am almost speechless. This is the boldest bending of all what the Obama health care reform is about I could think of. It is not even worth to discuss this specific example - it's too ridiculous, but the health care topic itself I would like to spend some words on.  

I am living in Germany and Germany is no socialist country (if you thought so - back to the bad-for-you-college, please), we have a conservative leadership at the moment and we are like my dear friend Diana lately put
 elegantly into words  "the economical powerhouse of Europe".  And we have a health care system that goes far beyond what Obama wants to do following the concept of solidarity - of shared risk and costs - and that has a lot do with math and not much with Marx and Engels. 

I will make this more vivid for you with an example:

My parents were hard working people who made the money we needed for a living by their hands and minds work. They worked as long as they could, which wasn't too long:

- My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor age 44. He fought it for two years and died age 46.
- My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (lymphoma) age 42. She fought it for almost 16 years - five of them under more or less permanent chemo therapy - and died age 58.

Both of them were sick for years and had to go from extended sick leave (when the health insurance here pays you the bigger part of your last real salary to cover your cost of living) to early retirement. Both of them received state of the art cancer treatment and during all stadiums of their illness they had continuous health insurance coverage like it is usual in Germany. They did not have to go back to work to keep the insurance - weak and sick and tired and exhausted from endless treatments like I have to watch it happening to beloved friends of mine in the US. They got not denied when they needed new, expansive medication because we were not rich. We did not slip into poverty just because we were pretty unlucky with two incurable cases of cancer in our small family. My sister and I had not to give up our education because there would be either money for treatments or school.

And now tell me what's wrong with it? Tell me into my face. I will tell you what's wrong with it: NOTHING!

Cancer (as an example) is not the sickness of the weak or the lazy or the careless. Cancer can happen to all of us ... to YOU and YOU and yes YOU - Santorum voter - as well. No lifestyle, no believe or religion, no money is protecting you from getting sick, very sick. And ALL OF YOU - rich or poor, 
white or not white, man or woman, straight or gay -  deserve a fair chance to survive.
And I don't know what is so terribly hard to understand here, but your president does not want to limit your personal freedom or rob your money or let sick kids like Santorum's Bella die (God forbid!). He tries to SAVE YOUR  LIFES! 

You may wonder why I put the cover of Vonnegut's "Man Without A Country" up here again - a book I admire and wrote about before. Well, this expresses my (very undemocratic, I admit) urge to force some sense into people, to wake them up, to make their brains work. I wish I could make them read and understand (the much bigger problem) this book. 

For those dear readers, who are disappointed by Obama. Yes, I am, too, at least about some things (Guantanamo, health care) although my expectations were not as high as the ones of lots of Americans. I do not believe in modern messiahs in general and I had listened to his very serious first speech after  the election carefully.
But before you make horribly wrong decisions in pure defiance, please read what John Steinbeck wrote in
"America and Americans". He describes clearly the special challenge of the US presidency that lies in a system where the president often enough has to deal with oppositional majorities in both - Senate and Congress - and the power of lobbyists and how it is dangerously wrong to consider him the most powerful person in the country. It won't solve the problem or erase the disappointment, but help to put things into perspective

Okay, rant done. Next posting will be more happy and nice to read again. I promise.

PS: Warning - The comments (if there will be any) will be moderated. I will not discuss the content, I will not get myself into fights and if your comment annoys me too much, I will delete it. You don't like that? Your problem, my blog.

PPS: If you do not get the running gag about the "college is bad for you" thing read here and add as No 11 to the most outrageous campaign statements. 

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